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4 things you can do now to feel confident in your coverage

It'll take just 20 minutes

This article was last updated on Aug. 19, 2021. 

Looking to save money on health care? It’s not exactly easy to choose new health insurance during your annual open enrollment or review the one you have, particularly when you’re short on time. But, making sure you have the right health plan for your needs will save you money in the long run. So, take 20 minutes (or less) to understand your costs and plan for the future.

  1. Make sure your doctor is in the provider network (5 minutes)

    Choosing a health insurance plan that your doctor accepts is a must. Most health insurers put this information online, but you can call your doctor’s office and ask, if you'd like. For Wellmark members, you can find the name of your network in the upper right-hand corner of your Wellmark ID card.

    If you need to search for a new doctor, log in to myWellmark Secure Site® to find a list of in-network providers, along with ratings and reviews from other patients. Just select Find a Doctor under the Search for  Provider section on the home page.

    If the doctor you choose is not in your provider network, you will have to pay more for out-of-network care.

  2. Determine how much you are currently spending on health care (5 minutes)

    When planning for future health care needs or a better understanding of your current plan, it’s helpful to check in on your current health care spending. With myWellmark, you can easily find what you've spent on both medical and pharmacy claims. All you have to do is:

    Insider tip!

    Always review the amount you owed for each service. This amount includes what you paid toward your out-of-pocket maximums Glossary popover, copayments Glossary popover and/or coinsurance Glossary popover. It also includes what you paid toward your deductible Glossary popover, if you have one.

  3. Consider future spending (5 minutes)

    Whether you're choosing a new health plan for next year or just doing some planning, you’ll want to factor in the cost of future health care expenses you know about. For example, if you plan on becoming pregnant or growing your family, review the plans available to you to make sure you're choosing the best health insurance coverage for pregnancy and a growing family. In addition, if you know a health care procedure will be needed within the next year, you can find an estimate for how much it will cost you by using myWellmark.

    All you have to do is log in to myWellmark Opens New Window and select Find a Doctor under the Search for a Provider section on the home page to begin managing your current and future health care costs.

  4. Plan for the cost of prescription drugs (5 minutes)

    Prescription drug prices are on the rise, so it’s more important than ever to know how much you’re spending on them. Check to see if your prescriptions are covered, and find out how much each will cost:

    • Log in to myWellmark Secure Site.
    • From the Pharmacy tab, click on the Prescription Resources section and then select Check Drug Cost.
    • Type in a drug name and choose a pharmacy to see your out-of-pocket cost based on your benefits.

Haven’t registered for myWellmark? Now's the time to have your health insurance at your fingertips. A fresh, redesigned, secure myWellmark is coming early 2019. We make it easier for you to keep tabs on your health care spending. Think of it as a one-stop-source for all of your personal health care information, where you'll find easy-to-use tools, resources and insights to help you manage costs and live a healthier life.

Grab your Wellmark ID card and register today. It’s worth it, and it only takes a few minutes.