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Addressing the six elements of well-being in your workplace

Well-being doesn't start and end with physical health.

*This article was last updated on February 14, 2019.

Addressing the overall well-being of your employees is no simple task, but it’s an essential one. Healthy employees are happier, perform better and are less absent from work. The six-elements of well-being are:

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Physical, Career, Social, Financial, Community, Emotional.

With the six elements of well-being, your organization can take a more holistic approach to accommodate your employees' changing needs. Addressing each of these six elements can make a significant difference financially and culturally in your organization.

Take a more holistic approach

The truth is, your organizational culture and employee engagement is about far more than the salaries and benefits packages you offer.

Now more than ever, employees are turning to their employers to provide solutions that address each of their unique situations — think getting out of debt, dealing with emotional issues, or even becoming more involved in the community. Investing in a holistic well-being program for your company is vital to improving culture and increasing productivity and engagement with your employees.

Every organization — including their employees — are unique. The key to a healthy workplace is delivering solutions based on your population data. Through the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield's free well-being benefit, our wellness center delivers relevant, timely health content based on the unique needs of each employee’s interest and health profiles.

Health and well-being

Incorporating the six elements of well-being into your workplace.

  1. Physical.

    When employees physically feel better, they are more likely to perform better at work. Think of adding wellness programs, individual or team-based challenges or gym reimbursement.
  2. Career.

    Ensure your employees have the opportunity to use their strengths at work and understand how their job ties to the organization and goals.
  3. Financial.

    Nearly 78 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Offering a program to ease debt or help them save can be a great way to ease their minds.
  4. Social.

    Friendships in the workplace are essential to a happy workplace. Consider team outings or meeting ice-breakers.
  5. Community.

    77 percent of employees believe volunteering is essential to their overall well-being. Supporting volunteerism or offering programs is a great addition for your business.
  6. Emotional.

    When employees are emotionally grounded, they are happier and more productive. Offer a program like Employee Assistance Programs, or encourage employees to take frequent brain breaks Opens in a new window, or discuss mental health days. Check out this article External Site for some tips.

"Since starting with Wellmark, we have evolved our program to be one that fits our culture and focuses on all areas of well-being. I can't see our program being as successful without the help of Wellmark and our health and well-being consultant." — Greg Martin, Executive Director Physical Plan/IT, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).

Why should I offer well-being programs to my employees?

The numbers speak for themselves — making the investment in a holistic wellness program for your workplace can contribute to:

  • 41 percent lower health-related costs, compared to employees who are struggling.
  • 22 percent more agility and resilience among your employees.
  • Employees are three times more likely to go the extra mile when they feel their employer cares about their overall well-being.

At Wellmark, we know your business, and we have insights and data on your employees that you may not have in-house. We can serve as an extension of your workforce and provide expertise in creating engaging solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. Every step of the way, your Wellmark health and well-being consultant will be there as your go-to source for finding the right combination of solutions — because one-size doesn't fit all.

Interested in learning more about Wellmark's employer well-being and consulting services? Contact your authorized Wellmark account representative.

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