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No budget? Check out this no-cost well-being benefit

For fully insured businesses

It's no secret how unpredictable our world can be — and how quickly it can impact the health of both your business and your employees.

Now more than ever, employers like you are seeing the importance of keeping employees happy, healthy and engaged. Not to mention, your employees are relying on you as their trusted source for benefit information and support for keeping their well-being in check.

Not sure where to start? If you're a fully insured1 group that offers Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance to your employees, you're in luck. You and your employees automatically gain access to our no-cost workplace well-being benefit.

Yes, you read that right. No cost. No budget? No problem.

Why should I care about offering a workplace well-being benefit to my employees?

Employees are turning to their employers to provide a solution that addresses each of their unique situations — think getting out of debt, dealing with emotional issues and getting more involved in their community. That's why investing in a holistic well-being benefit for your company is vital to improving culture and increasing productivity and engagement with your employees.

Did you know when an employee is thriving in all six areas of well-being (physical, career, social, emotional, financial and community), they are 81 percent less likely to seek out a new employer within the next year?2

What is included in this no-cost workplace well-being benefit?

Every organization is unique. The key to a healthy workplace is delivering solutions based on your population data. Through our free well-being benefit, Wellmark's wellness center delivers relevant, timely health content based on the unique needs of an employee's interests and health profile.

Incorporate this well-being solution into your workplace today

Are you a fully insured business that offers Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance to your employees? You can learn more about integrating our no-cost well-being benefit into your workplace by checking out our latest webinar (for free), and then reaching out to us at Send Email for a free downloadable pitch kit and campaign kit.

When your employees complete their onboarding quiz, they will be guided to information just for them, such as up-to-date health news, videos and health tools or calculators. This keeps employees engaged and on track to meet their well-being goals — and for your organization to keep health care costs affordable.

Psst, there's more:

  • Online Wellness Assessment
  • Health, fitness and nutritional news and information
  • Health trackers and tools
  • FitBit® syncing
  • Mobile friendly capabilities
  • Lifestyle and condition-specific behavior change plans
  • WebMD® online tools and resources like podcasts, videos, assessments and more
  • Engaging communication and promotional materials
  • Reporting

When your employees are well, it means they're on-the-go

Between maintaining a full-time job, wrangling kiddos, placing dinner on the table, or catching a late-night exercise class, your employees are busy. But too often, busy gets in the way of making health and well-being a priority.

"Eighty-nine percent of those who use the wellness center indicate a better understanding of personal health," said Amanda Dorr, employer health and well-being consultant at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield."

Wellmark's program makes health and well-being available to your employees anytime, anywhere. Your employees will get access to well-being tools, tailored content and the Wellness Center right on their mobile device by:

  1. Registering or logging in to myWellmark® Opens in a new window
  2. Downloading the WebMD® WAYS App

It's just another reason Wellmark members always get more.

Ready, set, let's talk wellness!

Learn more, get connected and receive a complimentary consultation Opens in a new window with one of our employer health and well-being experts. Once you complete the form, you'll receive a copy of our Well-being that Works guide. From there, we can work with you to determine which workplace well-being solutions fit in with your unique employee population.

Questions? Contact your Wellmark account representative, or email us at Send Email.