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4 questions to consider about well-being within your workplace

Is your business ready for well-being?

Every organization — including their employees — are unique. The key to a healthy workplace is delivering solutions based on your population data. Through the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield's free well-being benefit, our wellness center delivers relevant, timely health content based on the unique needs of each employee’s interest and health profiles.

It all started back in the mid-1970s when employers began to implement wellness programs in an effort to change daily health and well-being habits and lifestyle choices. All in an effort to reduce health care costs for employees.

And, even though 98 percent of large companies and 73 percent of small companies offer some type of wellness program today, there are mixed findings on whether these traditional programs are truly reducing health care costs, improving overall health and increasing productivity.

The fact of the matter is that most workplace wellness programs aren't producing the anticipated results because a majority of the focus has been placed on the physical aspect of well-being like healthy diets and getting a daily dose of exercise.

While these are two very important components to an employee's health, workplace wellness programs should be taking a more holistic approach by addressing all six elements of well-being — career, community, emotional, financial, social and physical — that continually meet employees’ changing needs.

As the HR or benefits administrator in your office, it might be time to ask yourself and decision-makers within your company these four questions:

  1. Do you know if your employees feel a sense you care about their well-being?
  2. What programs or policies do you have in place that support each of the six elements of employee well-being?
  3. Does your overall support of employee well-being fit your employees’ demographics?
  4. Do your company leaders support well-being?

Whether you need to revamp your current program or are simply looking for a place to start, investing in well-being for your company pays off. Wellmark focuses on the people we know best: your business and employees. Our extensive claims data provides us with insights you won’t find anywhere else — helping you create a comprehensive benefits package that suits the needs of your employees.

The numbers speak for themselves; not only are employees three times more likely to go the extra mile if they know their employer cares about their well-being1, companies with employees who thrive in environments where well-being and engagement are priorities see:

See image description

41 percent lower absenteeism

59 percent lower turnover rates

20 percent higher sales

21 percent higher profitability

17 percent higher productivity

Source: The 2017 Gallup Employee Engagement Report

Aside from your workplace results, your Wellmark health and well-being consultant will be there every step of the way as your go-to source for finding the right combination of solutions — because one-size doesn’t fit all.

Is your workplace ready for well-being?

Wellmark is committed to creating an environment in your workplace that promotes healthy behaviors. Through our employer consulting and well-being services, we look beyond your employees' claims and provide a variety of evidence-based programs that address the six elements of well-being: social, emotional, physical, community, financial and career.

Our services can provide you with tools and resources to help you create a desired workplace culture that:

  1. Aligns health and well-being to your organization's overall mission and vision.
  2. Expands on the definition of traditional physical wellness to include the six elements of well-being.
  3. Emphasized engagement over participation.

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1 Engaging Employees through Health and Well-being Report, SimplyHealth, 2011