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The Parts of Medicare

Medicare helps cover the cost of health care and is made up of four parts, Parts A, B, C and D that all offer different types of coverage. To understand Medicare, you have to start with Original Medicare — Part A and Part B. 

Original Medicare Part A | Hospital care

This includes home health care and hospice care. Part A is generally offered at no cost to you, but there is a deductible for hospital stays and you may also have copays for longer stays.

Original Medicare Part B | Medical care

Doctor visits, outpatient care and supplies are covered. Part B is available for a monthly premium based on your income and has a yearly deductible, set by the government External Site.

What will I get from Original Medicare?

Original Medicare doesn’t cover all your costs

Original Medicare covers hospital and medical, but not all health care costs, such as copay and prescription drugs. That's where Medicare supplement and Part D come in. They are purchased through private insurance providers, like Wellmark.

Medicare supplement

Instead of Part C, Wellmark offers Medicare supplement, which is coverage in addition to Original Medicare. Medicare supplement covers health care costs left behind by Original Medicare, like deductible, copayment and coinsurance.

Wellmark’s Medicare supplement plans are called MedicareBlue SupplementSM. You can choose from six plan options with varying levels of cost and coverage to match your health care needs.

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The difference between Medicare supplement and Part C is that Part C, or Medicare Advantage External Site, is an alternative to Original Medicare versus an addition. With a Part C plan, you still have Medicare, but your benefits are paid through the Medicare Advantage plan instead of through Original Medicare.

Medicare Part D | Prescription drug coverage

Part D helps cover prescription drugs and is paired with a Medicare supplement plan to make a well-rounded Medicare plan.

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Make sure you're covered

To have the most comprehensive coverage in retirement, you should have Part A, Part B, Medicare supplement and Part D. While you need to apply for these coverages separately, you can enroll in them all during your Initial Enrollment Period.

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Talk to a licensed agent or call a Wellmark representative toll-free at for help picking a plan and getting enrolled.

Wellmark MedicareBlue SupplementSM plans are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S government or the federal Medicare program.