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With Open Enrollment coming up for many plans, knowing your yearly health care costs helps you prepare and make educated decisions. Here are three ways to check in on your health care spending using myWellmark.

View claims often.
Reviewing the amount you owe for each service helps avoid surprises. The cost breakdown allows you to see what amount of each claim went towards your out-of-pocket maximums Glossary popover or deductible Glossary popover.
Know your out-of-pocket maximum and deductible.
Have you used more or less of these amounts than you expected at this point in the year? Managing these costs can help you budget now and plan for health care expenses later.
Download your year-to-date spend report.
This report shows what you've spent on both medical and pharmacy costs throughout the year. It has all your information rolled into one, easy-to-use report.

You're going places.

Your health information should, too. Download the free app to go with you.

  • Log in securely using fingerprint or facial recognition technology.
  • Get health answers over the phone with one tap.
  • View digital documents securely, in one easy-to-manage place. 

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Wellmark is monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our top priority is ensuring the health and well-being of our members. As we continue to monitor coronavirus, health plan benefit updates can be found at Have specific questions? Log in to send our customer service team a secure message.

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