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Get the most from your next pharmacy visit

It could improve your health

Picking up a prescription at your pharmacy may feel more like a time-consuming chore than a chance to talk to someone about your health. But, if you find yourself rushing through the line and going through the motions at the pharmacy, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to ask questions about those prescriptions you're putting in your medicine cabinet.

Questions to ask your pharmacist

The next time you have a prescription to pick up, take some time to think through the following questions:

  • How will this medication interact with any of my existing prescriptions, vitamins, or supplements?
  • What, if any, side effects should I expect with this medication?
  • Is there a generic version available for this medication?
  • What types of services or screenings can you provide to help me manage my condition?
  • What vaccines should I consider?
  • If I experience a new symptom after I start taking the medication, what should I do?

Questions to ask yourself

We get it, there are a lot of barriers to talking to your pharmacist—and it can be intimidating. But having the answers to a few of your own questions can help: 

  • Is there a consultation room available for use? Sometimes questions can be personal or sensitive. Having a private room to discuss your questions can alleviate any worries about that. Most pharmacies have a space reserved for this purpose — just ask your pharmacist.
  • Have you established a pharmacy home? Choosing a pharmacy where you feel comfortable and know the staff is key. When you know the pharmacists and they know you, your pharmacy experience can be more personalized.
  • Do you have enough time? Think about it, you wouldn't rush your primary care provider during a wellness exam or ask to be examined through a drive-through window. The same should apply to your pharmacy visit. Try to choose a time that you won't feel rushed.

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