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Help your employees be health care savvy

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No matter what marketing materials you’re searching for, this online catalog has you covered.

If you’re new to the Toolkit or just need a refresher, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

How do I access the Marketing Toolkit from Employer Connection?

Register for Employer Connection if you haven’t already. Once you’re on the secure page, the Marketing Toolkit can be found by clicking on the "resources” tab at the top right or under the “Quick Links” section on the home page. Once you’re on Employer Connection, you don’t need to log in again to access the Toolkit.

Share marketing materials with your employees

Ever find yourself searching for the best way to communicate important health and well-being information? Look no further than the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield Marketing Toolkit.

See a sample! Download the myWellmark® flyer PDF File or find it in the Marketing Toolkit by searching for item M-20442.

How do I search for marketing materials?

There are multiple ways to find what you need:

  1. If you are looking for a particular item and already know the title or form number, you can type either of those directly into the search bar. As you begin to type, you’ll notice the site starts to generate materials that contain similar words and numbers. Select one of the items from the drop-down list.
  2. If you don’t have an item in mind but are looking for pieces within broader topics, try searching keywords that might be relevant to that topic. For example, type in “pharmacy” or “brochure” if you are looking for a pharmacy brochure.
  3. The toolkit covers a wide range of topics, including: benefit basics, myWellmark, prescription drug benefits, using health care wisely, who to see and where to go for care, how to save money, wellness education, health support programs, tobacco cessation coaching, and more.
  4. Not sure what you’re searching for? We’ve added convenient categories for you to browse. Check out the “Member Resources” section on the home page to start digging!

What do I do with an item once I’ve found it?

Click on the item you want. Each item has a description that provides you with more information on the piece and/or how to use it. You can also click on the image for a preview of the first page. From there, you can do one of two things depending on the item’s settings:

  1. If available for download, the item will have a “Download” button. Click this to instantly access a digital copy of the material, which you can share electronically or print yourself.
  2. If available for print orders, the item will have a section where you can input a desired quantity. Click “Add to Cart” to start the checkout process. Don’t worry, we’ll cover the cost!

What if I have a question that isn’t on this list?

You can reach out to Send Email for all questions regarding the material’s content or use, access as a user, or any other Wellmark-related questions. Or, while browsing the site, click “Help” located in the footer menu for contact information.

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