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Get instant answers to health care questions

BeWell 24/7 is available day or night

*This article was last updated April 2020.

Answer this question: Has your company ever gone through tough times?

We're going to take a guess and say you answered yes. And who was with you throughout those tough times? Your employees.

Now it's time to provide support for your employees when they are going through their share of tough times. Not to mention, your employees are busy people. They may have children with doctor appointments, questions about their own medical treatments and tests and spouses who require surgery. BeWell 24/7 connects them with a real person who can help with a variety of health-related concerns and help maintain a work-life balance.

BeWell 24/7 can help your employees:

  1. Find a doctor.

    Whether they're new to town, traveling in an unfamiliar area, or just want to compare a few doctors, BeWell 24/7 can help find an in-network doctor.
  2. Coordinate appointments.

    BeWell 24/7 can schedule appointments with different doctors for your employees, so they don't have to call each one individually.
  3. Get treatment advice.

    If their toddler has a fever on a Saturday night, should your employee go to urgent care, the emergency room, or wait until Monday when their family doctor is available? They can just call BeWell 24/7, describe their symptoms and get advice on where to seek care.
  4. Seek a second opinion.

    Your employee's doctor just recommended knee surgery, but they think there may be other treatment options. They can ask the experts at BeWell 24/7 for help understanding their diagnosis to feel confident about moving forward with treatment.
  5. Manage complex situations.

    For when your employees need help finding a doctor for necessary treatments and tests.

This service, which is exclusively available to Wellmark members, can help answer any health care related questions they might have. Just have your employees call 844-84-BeWell. It's that simple.

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