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Get instant answers to health care questions

BeWell 24/7 is available day or night

Life can get stressful sometimes — especially if an employee is juggling multiple things like a sick kid or an elderly parent that needs multiple medical appointments — and there isn’t often a resource that can answer all of their health care-related questions.

But for Wellmark members, BeWell 24/7SM provides real help from real people around the clock. It’s so much more than a nurse line. The health care professionals on the other end of the line can help your employees: 

  1. Find a doctor. Whether they’re new to town, traveling in an unfamiliar area, or just want to compare a few doctors, BeWell 24/7 can help find an in-network doctor.
  2. Coordinate appointments. BeWell 24/7 can schedule appointments with different doctors for your employees, so they don’t have to call each one individually.
  3. Get treatment advice. If their toddler has a fever on a Saturday night, should your employee go to urgent care, the emergency room, or wait until Monday when their family doctor is available? They can just call BeWell 24/7, describe their symptoms and get advice on where to seek care.
  4. Seek a second opinion. Your employee's doctor just recommended knee surgery, but they think there may be other treatment options. They can ask the experts at BeWell 24/7 for help understanding their diagnosis to feel confident about moving forward with treatment.
  5. Manage complex situations. Your employee's grandmother fell and broke her hip, and now needs in-home care. BeWell 24/7 can help everything run smoothly, from coordinating meals and prescription drug delivery to recommending medical equipment and advising on in-home safety.

This service, which is exclusively available to Wellmark members, can help answer any health care related questions they might have. Just have your employees call 844-84-BeWell. It’s that simple.

Interested in learning more? Search “BeWell 24/7” on the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit Secure Site for ready-to-share flyers, information and more.

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