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Blue @ Work

Save money and live healthier with Blue365

Your employees can get discounts on wellness products and services

Most people use health insurance to cover things like doctor visits and prescription medications. But what if your employees' benefits extended to cover other wellness products and services they use every day, like a gym membership, pair of sneakers, or fitness tracker?

As Wellmark members, your employees get personalized access to Blue365 External Site® — a free portal that gives them deals and discounts on favorite health and wellness brands to keep them engaged in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Discount categories include personal care, fitness, wellness, financial health, healthy eating and lifestyle. They can save on anything from wireless ear buds and private weight loss coaching programs to pet insurance, fitness DVDs and contact lenses.

Deals and discounts are updated regularly, and your employees can stay informed with a weekly email sent to them. Whether they’re already living a healthy and active lifestyle, or need the motivation to jumpstart a new routine, Blue365 will help your employees save money while meeting their health and personal goals.

Encourage your employees to register for Blue365 External Site today and get a full list of exclusive deals and discounts sent straight to their inbox.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit Secure Site and search “Blue365” for ready-to-share flyers, articles and more.