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Choosing a pharmacy network that works

Focused coverage where your employees need it most

Much like a health care network you’re already familiar with, your pharmacy benefits offer network options, too. Ranging from broad access to cost-controlled, there’s a choice that meets the needs of both you and your employees:

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The National network includes more than 68,000 major chains and community pharmacies throughout the U.S. That’s more than 98 percent of pharmacies in Iowa and South Dakota. The Advanced Choice network covers 60,000 pharmacies (the 8,000 excluded are mostly redundancies — like having two pharmacies on the same block, for example). The Maintenance Choice network provides an option for 90-day supply maintenance medications — or those that an employee takes for chronic conditions – and can be delivered by mail Opens in a new window or picked up. It’s easy, convenient and may even offer some cost savings.

Additionally, the Specialty network Opens in a new window — which is managed under both pharmacy and medical benefits to better coordinate care and manage costs — directs volume into two preferred vendors for greater savings. This network also features varying cost-share designs to direct usage toward drugs that are safe, effective and reasonably priced.

Managing your pharmacy network doesn’t mean limiting access. Adjustments like these allow your pharmacy benefits to remain impactful while still focusing on future sustainability.

Learn more about the different ways you can personalize your pharmacy benefits program to best serve your employees and your organization’s bottom line:

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