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The workplace flu 'survival guide' you've been searching for

5 tips to incorporate into your workplace now.

Flu season doesn't hold back from wreaking mayhem in your workplace. Between the constant out-of-office messages, loss of productivity, and persistent fear of catching whatever that coworker a desk over has, the workplace can be a trying time during flu season.

Did you know: The average office worker’s hands External Site come in contact with 10 million bacteria each day? With a stat like that, it’s not difficult to see why there were between 37.4 and 42.9 million cases of the flu throughout the 2018-19 season External Site.

Since your employees spend a majority of their day at work, it's important to keep your workplace from becoming the inevitable “germ trap.”

Visit the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit External Site to download the "Guide: Navigating cold and flu season at work" pitch kit to put an end to the flu in your workplace!

Workplace flu survival guide: 5 ways to gear up for flu season

  1. Host an on-site flu shot clinic.

    Worried your employees won’t take time to get their flu shot? Bring an on-site flu shot clinic to them! By hosting an flu shot clinic, you will help employees prevent an outbreak External Site, save your company money, and decrease absenteeism and loss of productivity.
  2. Offer disinfectant wipes everywhere.

    Phones, desktops, laptops, keyboards, door handles —your employees constantly touch things throughout the day. And, the average desktop External Site has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Gross. Stock up and have disinfectant wipes around every workstation, and hand-sanitizer stations outside of the bathroom or around the office.
  3. Provide (required) education or training.

    In order to create a healthy workplace, your employees need to be educated on the signs and symptoms of the common cold and flu so they can prevent germs from spreading around your workplace. Need a place to get started? We’ve provided articles to share with your employees through BlueSM, Opens in a new window and engaging downloads from the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit to use in your workplace.
  4. Emphasize exercise.

    You already encourage your employees to exercise to improve their fitness, but now you can encourage them to help boost Opens in a new window their immune systems, too! In one study done by the American Journal of Medicine, women who walked for a half-hour every day for one year had half the number of colds than those who didn’t exercise.
  5. Create mini get well kits.

    Remember back to the days when mom would make warm chicken noodle soup and be by your very side when you were ill? As we grow up, it's easy to forget what a little TLC can do. Help your employees feel better when they need it the most by creating mini get well kits to offer October through March. Consider a few of these items:
See image description

Mini get-well kit

Chicken soup

Drugstore gift cards

Cough drops


Bottled water

A funny movie

Crossword puzzles, magazines or books

Get-well card

Disinfectant wipes

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Questions? Contact your authorized Wellmark account representative, or email us at Send Email.