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It starts with you: How to stop the flu from spreading in your workplace

Gear up for cold and flu season with ready-to-use resources.

Your employees come in and out of the office daily — each time bringing a number of germs with them. From the parents contracting sicknesses from their little ones, or even simply the lack of hand washing (yes, people still unfortunately don’t wash their hands External Site), the cold and flu seasons can take a serious toll on both your employees and your workplace.

To put it into perspective, the 2018–19 flu season cost U.S. employers more than $21 billion in lost productivity External Site — that’s a 44 percent increase since the 2017 season according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas Inc.

Your employees are spending more time (precisely 8.8 hours External Site per day) at the office than anywhere else, so what are some ways you can combat the cold and flu germs that impact your employees' health and productivity and your company’s bottom line?

How to stop the flu with free, easy-to-share articles (no login required.)

Whether you’re a Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield member or not, we’ve developed a roundup of BlueSM articles for a free, quick and easy way to inform and educate your employees about how to fight the cold and flu. All you have to do is copy and paste each story link into your intranet articles, newsletter or email series to spread helpful tips and tricks to your employees.

Order, download and print materials for cold and flu prevention tips for the workplace.

Help stop the cold and flu from taking over your workplace each year. Are you a Wellmark customer? If so, you can get ready-to-share materials through the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit External Site. Check out these four educational pieces to download and share around your office today.

  • Guide: Navigating cold and flu season at work (pitch kit).

    Use this comprehensive pitch kit to find all the tools, resources and insights necessary to educate and help prevent the cold and flu season from wreaking havoc on your workplace. Search form number: M-2020554.
  • Be the ultimate cold- and flu-fighter.

    Distribute or print this checklist around common areas within your workplace to educate your employees on the difference between a cold and the flu, what they can do to start feeling better, indicators of when they should go to the doctor, and resources available to them to find care faster. Search form number: M-2620472.
  • 5 keys to help you remain flu-free.

    Need some educational eye candy around the water cooler? This poster can be used between October and March to remind your employees of five ways they can be cold and flu-free. Search form number: M-2620473.
  • Be a flu fighter.

    Print or download this flyer to post around your office to let employees know they can receive flu vaccinations at the pharmacy, how it's covered, and additional tips to remain healthy during prime cold and flu season. Search form number: M-20296.
  • Flu fighter badge assortment.

    Whether you host on-site flu shots every year as an added benefit to your employees, or have employees who get the shot during their annual physical, give them something fun to show off. With this flu-fighter badge, your employees can post this badge at their desk for taking preventive measures. Search from number: M-2620474.

If you are looking for other free, educational infographics, posters or resources to educate your employees with, visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Resource Center. External Site

Questions? Contact your authorized Wellmark representative, or email us at Send Email.