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4 ways kindness impacts your bottom line

Workplace attitudes affect more than just morale.

There is an assumption that creating a competitive, cut-throat workplace improves productivity, performance levels of your employees and overall success of the organization. But contrary to popular belief, fostering these negative environments in your workplace can actually cost your company money.

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550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job

60 to 80 percent of workplace incidents (e.g. disagreements with coworkers) are attributed to stress

80 percent of doctor visits are due to stress

Workplace stress is linked to health problems ranging from metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease and mortality

Source: The Harvard Business Review

According to External Site kindness isn’t a sign of weakness — on the contrary — it’s a sign of strength that improves overall health and emotional well-being in the workplace. When your employees experience kindness in the workplace they see an increase in energy levels, positive perspectives and well-being.

3 tips to promote kindness in your workplace

  • Reward good work and celebrate success. A simple ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ in recognition for good work can be worth more than monetary awards.
  • Compliment coworkers. Whether they have a new haircut, pair of shoes or crushed a sales pitch, let them know you noticed.
  • Stop rumors. If there is chatter at the water cooler about others in the office, stop it right in its tracks.

A healthy workplace is more than encouraging your employees to eat right and exercise more. With Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s employer well-being and consulting services, you get a more holistic approach. Our focus and expertise is to create engaging well-being solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs by focusing on the six elements of well-being: financial, emotional, physical, social, community, and career.

So, whether your employees need to focus more on kindness and gratitude and less on stress, our health and well-being consultants can help you find the right combination suite for your workplace.

Interested in learning more? Contact your authorized Wellmark representative today.