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One small card with big benefits. Your Wellmark ID card has all the plan information your health care provider needs to submit your claims. It lists the name of the policyholder, your plan type and personal identification numbers. You'll also have the numbers to reach Wellmark Customer Service, precertification team and BeWell 24/7SM.

ID card FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions. Don’t see yours? Reach out to Wellmark either through submitting a question in myWellmark ® or by calling the Customer Service number on the back of your ID card to help.

There are a few different reasons you might get a new card. They include:

  1. The first time you enroll in (get) a new plan
  2. You’ve legally changed your name
  3. You selected a new primary care provider (PCP) — for plans that require a PCP change
  4. You switched to a different health plan

Yes! No need to wait for it to come in the mail. You can begin using your ID card as soon as your plan starts, and you can access your card online by logging in to myWellmark. You may want to check with your health care provider to make sure they accept digital cards.

It depends on your health plan type. You’ll receive two for preferred provider organization (PPO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) plans that do not require a primary care provider (PCP). And for plans that require a PCP, each member will receive their own card with their specific PCP.

If your plan doesn’t require a primary care provider (PCP) to be listed, the policyholder’s name will be on the card, but all covered dependents are still able to use the plan. If your plan does require each covered individual to elect a PCP, then each covered person will have a card with their name on it.

NOTE: Your digital card on myWellmark will not necessarily match your printed card. You’ll find more information on your digital card, including in and out-of-network out-of-pocket maximum, deductibles and copays.

You have three simple options for ordering a new ID card:

  • Order, email, or print your ID card with the click of a button by logging in to myWellmark.
  • Don’t have a myWellmark account? You can provide your information and order online.
  • If you would like assistance and get health insurance through your employer, contact your HR department.