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Vision coverage could be your competitive advantage

In a tight job market, vision coverage is the clear choice

Vision coverage is often overlooked when it comes to deciding what to include in your employees' comprehensive benefits package.

According to the National Academics of Sciences Engineering and Medicine, nearly 16 million people in the United States have undiagnosed or uncorrected vision errors that could be fixed with glasses, contacts or surgery. Offering vision coverage is one way employers can make it more affordable for their employees to receive an eye exam, purchase glasses or receive discounted LASIK treatment for more complex vision impairments.

Vision coverage has become one of the fastest growing benefits offered through employers — and for many reasons. For starters, according to, External Site the national unemployment rate is at the lowest it’s ever been at since 2000, sitting at 3.8 percent. While this may be good for those ambitious job seekers, it isn’t ideal for employers. In a tight labor market, it can be hard to hire and retain top talent — your own employees may even feel inclined to job-hop. That’s why competitive benefits like vision coverage are so important. Adding vision coverage could mean retaining your best employees. Call your authorized Wellmark account representative to add vision coverage. 

Whether your company is on the fence about renewing or purchasing a vision coverage package for your employees, here are some compelling reasons to offer coverage:

  1. Eye health is an important piece to overall health. A comprehensive eye exam can detect more than 30 conditions, including diabetes and thyroid disease, which can lead to early diagnosis and less-expensive treatment for your employees. Did you know? The leading cause of blindness in adults, diabetic retinopathy, threatens 900,000 Americans External Site.
  2. Unique benefit options and big savings. Flexibility of benefits allows your employees to receive impactful discounts on frames, lenses and other services.
  3. Easy access through strong networks. With a broad network featuring a mix of independent providers and national retailers, your employees can be covered locally and nationally.

If you need a bit more convincing on making this investment for your employees, according to the Vision Council, more than 188.7 million Americans are wearing some form of vision correction — this is 3 out of every 4 employees in your very own workplace!

Adding vision coverage to your Wellmark medical coverage is a clear choice.

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75 percent of Americans use vision correction, including 91 percent age 55 and older.

50 percent of visual impairments and blindness can be prevented through early diagnosis.

$145 billion economic impact o major vision problems in adults over 40.

$7 gained for every $1 employers invest in providing a vision care plan.

Source: The Vision Council: U.S. optical overview and outlook, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Vision Council, Vision in Business.

Add vision coverage to your portfolio of Wellmark coverage by talking to your authorized Wellmark account representative, or by emailing us at Send Email.