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Well-being conversational series webinars

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Even before the pandemic hit, employers everywhere were seeking solutions to support their employees' whole health and well-being (physical, financial, social, career, community and emotional).

While employee health and well-being were already on the rocks, the pandemic found a way to worsen the blows. Here are a couple ways how:

Conversations with thought leaders in the well-being space

Our team of well-being experts at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield hosted candid conversations with various thought leaders in the well-being space — each one resulting in actionable insights for you. These are key topics based on what’s happening within the industry and what we’ve heard from various employer groups throughout the pandemic.

Workplace Culture External Site

with Rosie Ward, PhD, CEO/Co-founder of SALVEO Partners

Dr. Rosie Ward is an energetic, passionate, compassionate leader, consultant, coach, speaker and author who focuses on transformation from the inside out. Her mission started more than 20 years ago when she experienced firsthand the ill effects of working in a toxic work environment and found her well-being eroding. Since then, she has passionately worked to find a solution, so this experience is no longer the norm. She is sought after to help re-humanize workplaces so that people are freed, fueled and inspired to bring their best selves to work — and home — each day.

Emotional health External Site

with Dr. Andrew Shatte, chief knowledge officer and co-founder of meQuilibirium

Dr. Andrew Shatte is a fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Executive Education, a former professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and currently on the faculty of the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona. He has been published prolifically in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Life’s Hurdles and meQuilibrium 14 Days to Cooler, Calmer and Happier.

Financial well-being External Site

with Brian Hamilton, senior vice president of SmartDollar®

Brian Hamilton is the founder and driving force behind SmartDollar, the financial wellness benefit from Ramsey Solutions that helps businesses improve the financial health of their employees and prepares them to retire with confidence. As senior vice president of SmartDollar, Brian leads the growth and development of the product while overseeing the brand’s operations. Brian has been with Ramsey Solutions since 2013.

Ready, set, let’s talk workplace wellness!

At Wellmark, we know your business and have insights and data on your employees that you may not have in-house. Our team of employer health and well-being consultants can serve as an extension of your workforce and provide expertise in creating engaging solutions to meet the unique needs of your employee population.

Get a complimentary well-being consultation

Learn more and get connected with one of our employer health and well-being experts. Once you complete the form, you’ll receive a copy of our Well-being that Works guide. From there, we will be there every step of the way creating the right combination of solutions — because one-size doesn’t fit all.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your organization and employees' overall health and well-being this year and beyond, contact your authorized Wellmark account representative, or email us at Send Email.