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DSC Connection

Frequent updates are included in the DSC Connection, a monthly newsletter. DSCs are automatically subscribed to DSC Connection when they register their organization and are encouraged to share the newsletter with others in their organization who access Wellmark's secure tools.

Registration responsibilities

Getting registered begins with the organization selecting a representative for all activities related to accessing Wellmark's secure tools. This individual is known as the main designated security coordinator or "main DSC."

Names are important on the online form. The main DSC must include their first and last name, and the organization's full legal name in the appropriate fields. The main DSC must also provide a valid email address to receive emails from Wellmark.

During registration, the main DSC will create a secret question and answer. This information will be required whenever requesting assistance from Wellmark's Web Security team.

Following completion of the registration, the main DSC should assign themselves access to all available security roles Secure Site through the User Maintenance tool Secure Site.

All organizations must have one – and only one – user assigned to main DSC role and can assign others to the DSC role.

The main DSC is responsible for:
  • Verifying that all users within their organization have appropriate access to the appropriate tools at the appropriate time.
  • Creation of all user accounts and the assigning of security roles to each user through the User Maintenance tool Secure Site.
  • Determining which users have access to protected health information (PHI) through the User Maintenance tool.

Users with the DSC role also have these abilities, but it is the main DSC's responsibility to verify users and users' access.

The main DSC and all other DSCs should familiarize themselves with the information on the Welcome to Wellmark page, all available security roles Secure Site, and the Provider Maintenance Guide PDF File for managing users.

Because user management is maintained within each organization, Wellmark is unable to provide technical assistance to individual users. The main DSC and all other DSCs are responsible for providing this type of technical assistance.

The main DSC will be asked to verify or update his/her email address every 60 days and use the User Maintenance tool Secure Site to ensure that the organization's list of users is accurate.

If the main DSC doesn’t log in after 90 days, their account will be suspended and eventually terminated. Once the account is terminated, neither the main DSC nor any of the organization's users will be able to access the Wellmark Provider Portal.

If your account was terminated, contact the Web Security team to re-register for access to the Provider Portal.

The main DSC may, at any time, reassign the main DSC role to another user who has accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the access agreement. This can be accomplished through the User Maintenance tool Secure Site and Wellmark does not provide assistance in this case.

If the main DSC leaves his/her organization before assigning the main DSC role to another user, a representative from the organization must contact the Web Security team. In most cases, the organization will have to re-register for access to the Provider Portal.