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Agency User - Register for Online Access

  1. First, assign an employee to be the Main Designated Security Coordinator (DSC) for your organization. The Main DSC completes registration for your agency and assigns access rights for staff to the various applications.
  2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Complete the online registration form.
  4. Wellmark will send you an e-mail when your account has been activated. You should receive this activation e-mail within five business days of registering.
  5. Once your account has been activated, you may begin adding staff and assigning access rights.

Main DSC (Designated Security Coordinator) Responsibilities

Initial Setup

  • The person who registers must put their first and last name in the boxes.
  • The organization name must be the organization's legal name.
  • The person who registers the organization for will be the Main DSC.
  • The Main DSC must use an email address that Wellmark will be able to use to send and receive emails.
  • Terms and Conditions states that ALL users accept they will NOT provide anyone else with their User ID and/or Password.
  • Wellmark suggests the Main DSC user give herself or himself access to ALL available roles.
  • There can be only one registration per Agency Number.
  • An agency user is able to register using their Iowa or their South Dakota Agency Number.

Ongoing Requirements

  • All organizations MUST have one, and only one, Main DSC user role at all times to have access to the secure areas of
  • There can be more than one user who has the role of DSC (Designated Security Coordinator).
  • The Main DSC must log on every 90 days to keep the organization active.
  • The Main DSC will be asked to verify his or her email address every 60 days to keep the organization active and is responsible for verifying that all users that have the correct access.
  • The Main DSC is the person who is responsible for providing access, helping all users, and creating all user accounts along with which users have personal health information (PHI) access.
  • If a user needs access to an agency user registration, they must contact the Main DSC.
  • The user(s) with the DSC role will be able to help other users just like the Main DSC.

Getting Assistance - Send Email

  • The Main DSC can reassign this role to another user, without assistance, who has accepted terms and conditions.
  • If the Main DSC leaves before giving another user this role, the organization will need to contact Send Email for help.
  • The exact answer to your secret question is critical for getting assistance from Web Security. Without this information, Wellmark will not be able to process some change requests.