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The Wellmark Drug List helps guide physicians and pharmacists in choosing medications for you that provide the right treatment for the best price. A committee of statewide pharmacists and physicians meet several times a year to update the list by analyzing new drugs and re-evaluating existing ones based on safety, cost and effectiveness. 

Wellmark and a statewide committee of pharmacists and physicians review the Wellmark Drug List several times a year. This review helps us identify the safest and most-effective drugs, while reducing costs and making sure members have access to the drugs they need. When a drug's tier or level changes, it can affect the amount you pay. So we made a list to make sure you're never surprised. These changes go into effect July 1, 2018.

Blue RxSM and BlueSimplicitySM Rx

The below drugs are moving to not covered:

Low-value prenatal vitamins, including:
 CitraNatal Assure® CitraNatal Harmony® CitraNatal Harmony® C-Nate DHA
 EnBraceHR® Focalgin 90 DHA NeevoDHA® Nestabs® DHA
 Nestabs® One OB Complete® OBComplete® Petite PNV-DHA
 PNV-DHA+ Docusate Prena1 Chew Prena1 Pearl Prenate DHA®
Prenate Elite®
Prenate Mini®
RediChew Rx 
Tristart™ One
UltimateCare One
Virt-C DHA
Vitafol® Fe+
Vitafol® One
Vitafol® Ultra
Zatean-PN DHA

Formulary drug lists

Some benefit plans have a tiered design. That means whenever you have a prescription filled, the amount you pay depends on what tier or level the drug is on. Use the Formulary Drug List Tool with the links below, or log in to myWellmark® to see what drugs are covered or not covered based on your plan benefits. Please note that your health plan may not cover all medications.


Blue Rx Basic℠ External Site
Blue Rx Complete℠ External Site
Blue Rx Essentials℠ External Site
Blue Rx Preferred℠ External Site
Blue Rx Value℠ External Site
Blue Rx Value Plus℠ External Site
BlueSimplicity℠ Rx External Site

Note: Formulary drug lists are best viewed in Chrome.