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Learn your plan options and compare them

The same set of benefits are offered across all Medicare supplement plans, but with varying levels of coverage and cost-share. Start by learning what plans are available and the benefits covered under each plan. Wellmark provides six plan options with different levels of coverage and cost. Download the free Medicare Matters guide for more information and see the prices of the plans by getting a quote.

Free Medicare Matters Guide PDF File

Think about your health needs

Choosing the right Medicare supplement plan comes down to your specific health care needs. Do you have specific health issues and need to see a doctor often? You may consider more coverage for regular visits and supplies, making MedicareBlue SupplementSM Plan G a good option for you. Or, maybe you have an active lifestyle and stay relatively healthy, and a plan with basic coverage like MedicareBlue Supplement Plan N may be the right fit. Let us help you decide.

Find the right plan for you

Make sure your doctors are covered

Once you’ve found the Medicare supplement plan with the right amount of coverage, check if your doctors are covered or find other doctors in your area who accept Medicare. With a MedicareBlue Supplement plan, you can see any Medicare-participating doctor you want with no referrals. Search for doctors who treat patients with Original Medicare or Medicare supplement using the physician compare tool External Site on

Consider your costs

By estimating how much you will spend on health care, you can be more comfortable knowing your health — and your wallet — are covered in retirement. There are a few costs to consider as you prepare:

  1. Part A of Original Medicare is covered for most people, but Part B has a monthly premium External Site. So start by learning the cost of Part B and writing it down.
  2. Next, get a quote for a Medicare supplement plan online now.
  3. Finally, consider whether you need dental, vision and hearing or a prescription drug plan (Part D), and get the costs to help you determine your approximate monthly costs in retirement.

Get extra help, if needed

If you're still feeling not sure which plan is right for you, call 800-336-0505 to get expert guidance from a Wellmark representative, at no cost, or find an agent.

Wellmark MedicareBlue SupplementSM plans are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S government or the federal Medicare program.