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Add dental and vision when you enroll in Medicare supplement

The easiest time to add dental and vision benefits is during Medicare supplement enrollment. When you enroll in your MedicareBlueSM Supplement plan, you will also have a chance to add dental (Iowa only) and Avēsis vision with Amplifon hearing benefits. 

Blue Dental PlansSM

Our cost-effective Blue Dental Plans (Iowa only) deliver high-quality care with low out-of-pocket costs. Plus, they were developed especially for our Medicare supplement members. Each plan covers preventive care like biannual check-ups, X-rays and routine exams.

Dental plan advantages:

  • Designed for your specific needs
  • Affordable monthly premiums
  • Coverage in Iowa and across the country

Waiting periods apply for certain dental procedures.

Blue Dental 75

Iowa $22.50/mo

Compare 2021 Plans PDF File

Blue Dental 100

Iowa $34.80/mo

Compare 2021 Plans PDF File

Avēsis vision plans with Amplifon benefits

As with other areas of your health care, preventive care is a priority in our vision plans. Keeping costs manageable is, too. Copays and coverage vary for annual eye exams and glasses, and lenses are available at discounted rates.

Plus, Amplifon hearing benefits come complementary with all Avēsis vision plans.

Vision and hearing plan advantages:

  • Low-cost, high-impact benefits
  • Affordable premiums
  • Generous allowances for materials
  • Additional hearing discounts
Avēsis Vision is an independent vision insurance company that does not provide Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Dakota products and services. Avēsis Vision is underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, Missouri. Hearing Discount Savings Plan provided by Amplifon. Amplifon is an independent company that does not provide Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Dakota products or services.