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One of the most important things you can do to help keep costs down is pay attention to your health. For instance, taking a walk daily and watching your weight may help reduce extra medical care. And by taking advantage of the preventive care visits covered by your plan, you can help catch red flags before they become a riskier — and pricier — health problem.

Making practical choices about health care services can help too. On average, treatment at a physician's office costs $118, compared to $667 in the ER. If your illness is not a true emergency, a visit to your family doctor or urgent care should suffice. Members can also call BeWell 24/7 with medical questions. When you call Eight, Four, Four, Eight, Four, Be Well, you'll be connected with a real person who can help you with a variety of health-related concerns and possibly skip an office visit altogether.

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A side-by-side comparison of two different treatment locations. On the left, a doctor visit or urgent care treatment, represented by a doctor, as compared to an emergency room treatment on the right, represented by a hospital. The doctor visit has a single dollar sign symbol while the hospital treatment has two dollar sign symbols since emergency room visits are typically more expensive.

Save by staying in-network 

To keep your costs down on services and prescriptions always choose in-network doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. In-network health care professionals and facilities have agreed to accept discounted payments. Since the large majority of hospitals and doctors in our service area are Wellmark network providers, using in-network providers is easy to do. If you need help finding a doctor, use our Find a Provider or Facility tool. You can read reviews on doctors or health care facilities from patients and even write your own review.

Save on your prescription drugs

Knowing the costs of prescription drugs can also help you manage expenses. To help you make more informed decisions, we divide medications into tiers — as the tier number goes up, so does the out-of-pocket cost. A majority of the time your doctor can prescribe a tier 1 drug, helping keep your costs down.

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Get real answers in myWellmark® 

As a Wellmark member, you can search hundreds of services and get personalized out-of-pocket costs based on your health plan and the benefits you've already used. This means you can make informed choices on the doctors and services you may be considering.

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Stay healthy with preventive exams 

If you have a medical issue, finding it early may help improve your outcome and may eliminate the need for costly care. One way to spot potential issues is through preventive exams. In most cases, preventive care visits are completely covered by your plan, meaning there is no additional costs at the time of service. Talk to your doctor about how often you should schedule each exam.