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Blue Dental PlansSM

Our cost-effective Blue Dental Plans deliver high-quality care with low out-of-pocket costs. Each plan covers preventive care like biannual check-ups, X-rays and routine exams. Plans may also cover some costs for root canals, braces, cavity repair and dentures.

With our dental plans, you also get:

  • 2,600 in-network dentists
  • Access to our 216,000-dentist national network
  • No waiting period for routine exams, cleanings and X-rays

Avēsis vision plans

As with other areas of your health care, preventive care is a priority in our vision plans. Keeping costs manageable is, too. Copays and coverage vary for annual eye exams, and glasses and lenses are available at discounted rates. 

Avēsis is an independent company. Avēsis provides network and claim administration services for Wellmark pediatric vision benefits. Avēsis also offers adult vision plans which are not Blue Cross Blue Shield products or services, and for which Avēsis is solely responsible.


At Wellmark, we care about helping you get and stay healthy, and that's why we provide simple tools to do so. Sign up for myWellmark to get on track to a healthier you with these three simple steps:

  1. Complete a wellness assessment. Get a personalized report of your health and steps you can take to improve it.
  2. Create a plan. Use the actionable steps in your report to make healthy improvements in all areas of your life.
  3. Track your progress. Record what you're doing and see how you've improved.