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The Challenge: Health insurance is complicated. But when your first language isn’t English? It may seem impossible. Iowa State University’s Student and Scholar Health Insurance Program asked Indigo to help their participants — many with limited English-language skills and little understanding of the American health care system — through the enrollment process.

The Solution: The Indigo team put themselves in the shoes of someone brand new to health insurance. The end result was an intuitive, accessible and, dare we say, warm and welcoming enrollment guide structured to reflect the member journey. It met students and scholars where they were, provided straight talk without being condescending and presented benefits as an extension of the adventure they were sure to find during their time at Iowa State.

The Challenge: This client’s small HR/benefits team was feeling overwhelmed. Employees didn’t understand their benefits, including their new high-deductible health plan option, and they didn’t know how to access their insurance information. The HR/benefits team had at least 50 unscheduled visitors a day stopping in to the office to ask questions. They didn’t have the option to communicate with staff and families electronically, and they didn’t have the time or resources to reach them at home.

The Solution: Along with a larger strategy educating employees about their benefits, this group needed help teaching their people to self-serve. And while the employees didn’t know insurance, they sure knew their tools. Indigo used a multi-tool analogy to show employees the value of the self-service member portal myWellmark®.

The Results: A poster and direct mail campaign — complete with a multi-tool giveaway — drove myWellmark registration. Within two months of the mailing, the company saw a 50% increase in registered users.

The Challenge: To launch a new version of the Wellmark Health Care Cost Estimator Tool (now called the myWellmark Care Finder), Indigo needed an idea with stopping power. But, for many consumers, researching the cost of care was a new concept. So how do you catch members’ limited attention and quickly tell a complicated story?

The Solution: Indigo used high-impact copy and design to promote the tool at a glance. The headlines featured a patient finding out they needed a planned procedure and responding with the familiar phrase, “What's that going to cost?” Of course, the punchline is in the visual, where a barcode is shown on the affected body part — suggesting that, now, with the right tool, patients can easily look up the cost of care. A series of six posters showcased common high-dollar procedures, allowing groups to select the most relevant pieces based on their claims data.

The Challenge: This client was transitioning its employee population to the myWellmark Care Finder tool. With its single sign-on capabilities, the Care Finder was a more efficient option than they’d had in the past … but the employees liked the old tool. They didn’t just need to be told how to register — they needed to understand the value of the change. They needed to know: What was in it for them?

The Solution: What do engineers value? Precision. Data. Efficiency. And powerful tools to get the job done. Indigo developed messaging and Wellmark-branded materials promoting an upgraded tool with more functionality and more accurate information for improved decision-making — housed all in one place.

The Results: The company saw a 52% increase in Care Finder users from January to August 2017 as compared to that same time period in 2016.

The Challenge: This client has several groups of employees across the US who live in remote areas without access to walk-in or urgent care clinics. Having recently adopted Doctor On Demand, the client wanted to build awareness, drive registration and encourage employees to consider Doctor On Demand for non-emergent care.

The Solution: While Indigo had a pre-packaged Doctor On Demand toolkit ready to deploy, the client had some unique messaging needs: Knowing it would be a major motivator for their target audience, the client wanted to emphasize the low out-of-pocket cost of Doctor On Demand. They wanted to encourage employees to use Doctor On Demand as their first choice for fast care. And, they wanted their company name on the materials so employees would know that the service was another great benefit of working for the group. With these points in mind, it was decided that a semi-custom campaign would be a perfect fit. Indigo re-messaged and modified the existing Doctor On Demand posters, emails and direct mail pieces to fit the needs of the client and the target audience.

The Results: Following each member-facing communication, there was a spike in registration. The number of registered users increase 15-fold after the first direct mail piece was delivered to employee homes. Member emails achieved a 45% open rate. Overall, Doctor On Demand registration doubled for the group in 2017, and more than 100 patient visits were completed.

The Challenge: Having newly adopted the Wellmark/WebMD® smoking cessation program, this group needed help spreading awareness among employees. The problem? Tobacco use was ingrained in the company culture. Lunch, breaks and socializing all revolved around smoke breaks. Plus, the company had a unique make-up — an employee population that was 90% male, who were, in their own words, proudly blue collar and plain-spoken. So how could Indigo promote the program in ways that would resonate?

The Solution: Because the dangers of smoking are well known, Indigo decided not to try to change the hearts and minds of all tobacco users. Instead, we targeted smokers who knew they were ready to quit. With the client’s blessing, Indigo developed an in-your-face headline with a cigarette/boot tread visual. The posters and direct mail pieces cut through the clutter and offered support to employees ready to kick the habit for good. To create buzz and spur conversation, Indigo also proposed an oversized cigarette/boot tread floor graphic to be placed in front of the doors leading to the outside break area.