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The Challenge: Many groups have come to rely on Indigo for annual enrollment communication support. Indigo’s annual enrollment campaigns help employees understand and select benefits that offer the right coverage at the right cost. They remove a huge weight from the shoulders of HR/benefits teams during their busiest time of year. And, the professional look of the final deliverables helps employees understand the true value of their benefit packages.

One client, the HR/benefits team for a Midwest grocery store chain, came to Indigo looking for a communications partner that would give them more time to focus on what matters most — serving their plan and advocating for their people. They also wanted to develop polished annual enrollment materials that were employee-friendly while still honoring the company’s commitment to being cost-conscious in their operations, which allows them to pass savings on to their customers.

The Solution: The strategy was as follows:

  1. Develop a look and feel for the group’s annual enrollment communication that was consistent with their recent corporate rebranding efforts.
  2. Develop creative and deliverables that would increase employee engagement, enhance understanding and improve smart and timely decision-making during the annual enrollment period.
  3. Stay within budget while developing materials that better demonstrate the value of the company’s benefit investment.

Indigo developed an annual enrollment campaign that featured a benefits enrollment guide, a direct mail piece, time clock signage and peel-and-stick table clings to remind employees that enrollment was coming and to support them in good decision-making. The attractive and engaging design, easy-to-follow copy and intuitive flow of complex ideas helped employees understand their benefits and the choices in front of them.

The VP of HR was very pleased with the results — and with the fact that materials were delivered early and under-budget. He reported, “For the first time I can remember, I was able to go out of town and attend a conference during annual enrollment!”

The Challenge: Like many employers, this trade association knew they would soon be seeing a major influx of seasoned employees announcing their retirement. They recognized how hard it is to communicate Medicare benefits effectively so that employees are prepared to enroll and feel confident they are making the best choices for themselves and their families. On top of these challenges, the association also needed to educate plan members about their unique carve-out benefit option that fills the gap when Medicare doesn’t cover all health care costs.

The Solution: The group engaged with Indigo to develop custom communication materials to help retirees and their spouses understand their benefit options at age 65 and beyond. This included education about:

  • The different parts of Medicare. 
  • Coordination of the group’s carve-out plan with Medicare.
  • When and how to enroll in Medicare and the carve-out plan.

Indigo developed a unique name for the group’s carve-out plan. Then, using the group’s benefits brand (also created by Indigo), we created several pieces with user-friendly language and decision-support graphics, including a 12-page guide and two customizable form letters for the group to deploy as needed. The materials were approachable, easy to digest and met readers where they were in their understanding of the retirement process.

The Challenge: A community-focused insurance company wanted to help its employees better know, understand and feel good about their benefits. Specifically, they were looking to: 

  • Teach employees how to take an active role in their health care decisions.
  • Help employees understand their coverage and get the most from their benefits using time- and money-saving resources.

The company also wanted a solution that aligned with their brand purpose: “We are fiercely committed to making the world a better place.”

The Solution: A communication strategy was developed to educate employees about the value-added benefits they receive with their Wellmark coverage at no cost to them — including myWellmark, Blue365 and BeWell 24/7. This approach supported better employee decision-making while also helping them feel appreciated for their hard work, as free perks often do.

The communication, which was developed in the newly refreshed client brand, included a variety of touchpoints ranging from emails and content articles to videos and direct mail.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the client said: “It turned out so well, I hope that other clients see how valuable your work is.”

The Challenge: Having newly adopted the Wellmark/WebMD® smoking cessation program, this client needed help spreading awareness among employees. The problem? Tobacco use was ingrained in the company culture. Lunch, breaks and socializing all revolved around smoke breaks. So how could Indigo promote the program in ways that would resonate with a 90%-male employee population, who were, in their own words, proudly blue collar and plain-spoken? 

The Solution: Because the dangers of smoking are well known, Indigo decided not to try to change the hearts and minds of all tobacco users. Instead, we targeted smokers who knew they were ready to quit. With the client’s blessing, Indigo developed an in-your-face headline with a combination cigarette/boot tread visual. The posters and direct mail pieces cut through the clutter and offered support to employees ready to kick the habit for good. To create buzz and spur conversation, Indigo also proposed strategically placing an oversized cigarette/boot tread floor graphic in front of the doors leading to the outside smoke-break area.

The campaign sparked so much interest that Indigo launched this Wellmark-branded tobacco cessation toolkit, available for purchase now.

The Challenge: As the price of health care continues to climb, companies are looking for new and unique solutions for managing costs while also minimizing disruption. One of Indigo’s clients, a prominent manufacturing company, asked the team for ideas and communication materials that would encourage employees to reconsider their benefit plan options before annual enrollment. The client wanted employees to really think about whether they were just re-enrolling in a plan they were familiar with, or if there was another option that could better provide the right level of coverage for their health care needs, lifestyle and budget.

The Solution: Working with Wellmark’s analytics team, Indigo dug in to the company’s data to see who was using what plan, and we noticed an interesting trend. While most of the company’s employees were on the less-expensive, in-state HMO plan, there were a significant number who had been on the most-expensive, nationwide PPO plan, even though they had rarely, if ever, gone out of state for care. Because the HMO and PPO plans are similarly designed and equally easy to use, Indigo saw an opportunity to save employees and the company money, all while incurring the least amount of disruption possible.

Indigo developed a targeted letter to be sent to the identified employees. The letter created enthusiasm by calling out the specific amount of money employees could save by switching to the HMO plan. It also highlighted all of the benefits of the HMO plan (low-cost premiums, no doctor referrals required, Doctor On Demand for out-of-state care, etc.) and reinforced the similarities to their current plan to help employees get past any mental hurdles to making the switch.

With Indigo’s help, employees weren’t just comfortable with making the switch — they were enthusiastic. They believed they were getting a good deal and making a smart, savvy choice that would save their families money in the long run, without having anything taken away. The targeted letter saw a 26% percent response rate.

The Challenge: Virtual care from Doctor On Demand is a great benefit, but it comes with a learning curve — not because it’s hard to use, but because employees need help remembering to use it. How do you get employees registered … AND keep Doctor On Demand top-of-mind so they log in when they are sick or hurt instead of heading to urgent care or the ER? One Indigo client, a fellow insurance company, asked for help answering these very questions.

The Solution: To reach a population that understands the value of having a backup when things don’t go according to plan, Indigo positioned Doctor On Demand as a “back-pocket plan,” or care that’s never farther away than the phone in your pocket. This message of preparedness (along with copy and visuals that aligned with the client’s Indigo-created benefits branding) boosted registration, helped employees see how the service supported their busy lives, and kicked off a years-long relationship with the client, with Indigo developing multiple campaigns to even-further boost employee education and engagement.

The Challenge: You know your company’s benefits boost the value of your total rewards package — but your new hires, and the top talent you’re trying to recruit? They may not. Benefits are complicated. Job candidates struggle to wrap their heads around what you’re offering, and new employees struggle to pick the plans that are right for them. One Indigo client, a large skilled nursing care provider, asked for help getting everyone on the same page.

The Solution: Indigo kicked off the project by researching the client’s employee population. The company overwhelmingly attracted female applicants. Many were single moms and sole providers. Some spoke English as a second language, which made understanding insurance that much more challenging.

The Indigo team concluded the client needed materials that removed the intimidation factor from understanding and selecting benefits. The result was a new-hire benefits guide in the style of a glossy women’s magazine. This bright, colorful piece used a traditional magazine layout and tone to deliver information in relatable, bite-sized chunks. It also used personal stories, as well as fun features like the ever-popular “Cosmo quiz,” to help employees understand which benefits enhanced their lives, supported their families, and aligned with how they prefer to spend their hard-earned money.

The Challenge: Helping employees understand health benefits? Indigo’s got it covered. Getting them to engage in behaviors that improve their health? Now THAT’S a challenge worth tackling head on. This manufacturing client needed help pumping up employees for the company’s annual health fair. They wanted to boost attendance, improve engagement once employees were in the door — and get their doctor-averse population thinking about ways to better their wellness.

The Solution: To coincide with the season, the Indigo team proposed a football theme for this mostly male workforce. Gridiron-themed posters and emails promoted the event, promising free samples, swag and health screenings. Big-ticket items were also up for grabs; attendees could get their Indigo-designed “playbooks” signed by each of the health fair vendors to be entered into a drawing for work boots and Iowa Hawkeye football tickets.