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What's Indigo?

Indigo: a deep purplish blue, or a dye of the same color; Wellmark's custom benefits communication agency

No doubt about it — health insurance is hard. Communicating it to your employees? Even harder. To help you, the busy HR/benefits administrator, Wellmark created Indigo.

With targeted strategy, engaging creative, and a full range of tactical possibilities — all backed by your company’s unique claims and trend data — Indigo helps your people make good choices, save on out-of-pocket expenses and ultimately drive down your company’s overall health care costs.

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Our Story

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We are Indigo — Wellmark’s in-house agency specializing in providing employer groups with custom benefits communication solutions.

Of course, the name Indigo reflects our connection to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. But it also says we offer you something a little bit different. A little bit special. Let us explain.

In 2015, Wellmark saw a growing need. In response to rising health care costs:

  • More self-funded groups began adopting high-deductible health plans.
  • Employers tried to educate their people about health care consumerism.
  • Employees felt frustrated and confused.
  • Benefit administrators felt overwhelmed.

Some employers looked to outside agencies for communication support, but the agencies lacked health insurance expertise. The results were often sporadic and unfocused.

HR/benefit teams didn't just need help.  They needed targeted, engaging, no-hassle solutions that could help employees navigate the health care system and manage costs.

A vital opportunity presented itself. Wellmark could:

  • Use its health insurance expertise ...
  • Combine it with our proprietary claims data and health trend knowledge ...
  • And develop custom communication unique to each employer group.

This would help reduce out-of-pocket costs for members and lower employer groups' overall health care spend.

Thus, Indigo was born. A dedicated team of Wellmark benefits communication specialists, Indigo provides tailored health and pharmacy communication solutions that help employees and families understand and use their Wellmark benefits — and help our largest groups drive down costs.

Want to see what Indigo can do for you? Reach out and say “hi,” or even schedule a free mini-consultation.

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Janel Wells


The architect of Indigo, Janel builds, motivates and maintains the working team while managing daily operations. She provides overarching strategic and creative direction on all client projects, navigates and leverages Wellmark's broad array of internal resources and guides Indigo to deliver effective, efficient communication solutions that surprise, delight and get results. Janel is an avid foodie, a self-professed sci-fi geek and, someday, a chef and caretaker for a sleepy little B&B in Costa Rica.

Megan Jorgensen

senior communication manager/account executive & marketing strategist

With an outstanding focus on the customer experience, Megan serves as the key client-facing member of Indigo. She dives deep into the data and demographics, collaborates with her Indigo teammates and crafts strategic communication recommendations to fit the challenge at hand. In addition to strategic planner and account executive, Megan serves as project manager, ensuring your plans and tactics are delivered on time and on budget. Megan loves all things food, from trying new cuisine, to reading recipes, to learning new cooking techniques. She also enjoys fitness (she says it balances her passion for food and wine), reading, gardening and beach vacations.

Libby Waterbury

senior communication manager/creative lead & copywriter

Libby initiates the Indigo creative process and brings strategic concepts to life through persuasive writing and storytelling. With an eye and ear for finding the emotional hook for all projects, she drives brainstorming sessions within the team and across departments, generating broad sets of ideas that connect not just at the member level, but at the human level. Unlike her colleagues, Libby is hopelessly unsophisticated when it comes to food and drink. But she is a trained actor, dancer and singer, which will come in handy should a musical number ever break out in the Wellmark lobby.

Jamie Miller

graphic design consultant/art director

An award-winning graphic designer, Jamie partners closely with Libby to bring strategic concepts to life, driving how best to represent a concept visually. Jamie has an uncanny knack for capturing a brand's essence, creating lush, impactful designs that, at a glance, reflect our clients' people, company and culture. She also collaborates with the broader Wellmark creative team, ensuring brand continuity and leveraging existing assets when possible. Jamie brings energy and enthusiasm to whatever she does, be it designing custom benefits communication materials, coaching youth cheerleading, crafting, photography or Pinterest projects.