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The Wellmark Drug List helps guide physicians and pharmacists in choosing medications for you that provide the right treatment for the best price. A committee of statewide pharmacists and physicians meet several times a year to update the list by analyzing new drugs and re-evaluating existing ones based on safety, cost and effectiveness. FDA-approved drugs are not a covered benefit until they have been evaluated and approved by Wellmark's Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee and subsequently added to the Wellmark Drug List.

Formulary changes effective July 1, 2022 PDF File

Formulary drug lists

Some benefit plans have a tiered design. That means whenever you have a prescription filled, the amount you pay depends on what tier or level the drug is on. Click your formulary to search the Wellmark Drug List, or log in to myWellmark® to see what drugs are covered or not covered based on your plan benefits. Please note that your health plan may not cover all medications.


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