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Take control of your health plan

Manage your health care at home or on the go. When you download the free app and sign up for myWellmark, you can quickly and easily track your benefits, claims and spending. Plus:

  • Get wellness information
  • View and email your ID card
  • Locate doctors, dentists and facilities in your plan's network
  • Access Eight, Four, Four, Eight, Four, Two, Three, Nine, Three, Five 24/7

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Life can get pretty hectic, and Wellmark wants to help you simplify. With myWellmark, you can manage your health, health plan and health care costs in one place. Here are just a few benefits you'll get when you sign up for myWellmark:

  • Check claims. Find out the status of a claim.
  • Track health care costs. Run reports to see how much you've spent out of pocket.
  • Find out what's covered. See how much your plan will pick up for certain services.
  • Compare prescription prices. See what you’ll save with generics.
  • Get digital Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements. Sort EOBs by date, provider and patient.

Get on track to a healthier you by completing a wellness assessment in myWellmark. This personalized health report gives you actionable steps toward better health in all areas of your life. You'll even have access to tools that help you track your progress and see how you've improved.

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BeWell 24/7SM

What happens when it's 2 a.m. and your little one's complaining of an earache? Or you're out of town, and you start experiencing side effects from a new medication?

Rest assured, you can call BeWell 24/7 to be connected to a health care professional who can answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

We can help address your basic health and health insurance concerns — like finding a provider for you or a family member, or estimating the cost of an upcoming surgery.

Simply call 844-84-BEWELL to talk to a real person. If it’s an emergency, immediately call 911 instead.

Blue365® rewards

Of course your health insurance works hard for you at the doctor's office. But did you know you can also put it to work at the gym, on your family vacation — even while online shopping? As a Wellmark member, you can take advantage of discounts and savings on fitness equipment, organic foods and much, much more through Blue365. Registration is simple, and the exclusive deals come right to your inbox.

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BlueSM magazine

When you're out of healthy recipe ideas, can't find an ounce of workout motivation, or you're stumped by that word on your latest health insurance statement, look no further than Blue magazine. Our complimentary magazine is a one-stop resource for tips on healthy living and maximizing your health care coverage. Get the latest in nutrition, fitness and health insurance pointers online or in your mailbox every season.

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