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Appointing a personal representative

In the context of interoperability, a personal representative can view all your health information and make decisions with you about disclosing your protected health information to an App of your choice. If you choose, you can select another person, or persons, to access and manage your health information or they can appoint themselves.

Whether you are appointing your own personal representative, or your personal representative is appointing themselves, we will need proof of their authority to access and share your information. They may be a legal guardian, power of attorney (POA) or parent, or other form of personal representative.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of dependent(s) age 12 and over, you must be appointed their interoperability personal representative before requesting health information on their behalf. Personal representatives for members under 18 will be automatically removed on the member's 18th birthday. The personal representative must be re-appointed, if the member chooses.

Start the form to appoint a personal representative. 

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Removing a personal representative

When a personal representative for interoperability is removed, they will no longer have access to the Wellmark member’s information or be able to manage applications that use the member’s health information.

As the member, you have the right to remove your personal representative or they may remove themselves.

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