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2019 Small MATCH grant recipients

Small MATCH grants support promising projects that help individuals, families and communities achieve better health with funding requests up to $25,000. The Wellmark Foundation offers grants to projects that either:

  1. Create a safe environment to be physically active in.
  2. Increases access to and consumption of healthy foods.

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Afton Safe Routes to Schools

This project will extend the existing trail and provide a safe off-street walking/biking option for students and residents. The sidewalks will be paved and made four-foot-wide to accommodate bi-directional traffic. While doing this work, culverts and curb cuts with ADA ramps will be installed. Permanent paint markings and signage will also encourage safe crossing of city streets.

Pickleball courts

The city of Carroll is constructing a six-court pickleball complex that is nearby a large number of residential properties. These courts will be open to the public and will promote healthy lifestyles by providing a free, readily available physical activity option.

McKinley Park Trail Expansion

The city of Creston is building a trail around Lake McKinley. The trail expansion will be about a half-mile in length. The project will also include lighting to provide safety for the residents who like to walk around the lake in the evening hours.

Park Improvements to Enhance Safety and Encourage Physical Activity

The city of Decorah will make needed upgrades to three of the most visited parks in the community — Phelps, Pulpit Rock and Van Peenen. All of these upgrades are designed to make the parks safer, maximize outdoor recreation opportunities and make it easier to engage in active living.

Memorial Park — A place to play and remember.

The city of Eldora will make over Memorial Park by installing new fully functioning, high-quality play structures. This will make Memorial Park a destination for all generations to enjoy together.

Judge Lewis Park Trail

This project will complete a half-mile trail around Judge Lewis Park. It will provide residents with a readily available option to engage in physical activity. With strategically placed benches, it also provides users with an opportunity to socially connect with one another.

Shell Rock Aquatic Center

The city of Shell Rock is constructing a new aquatic center. This community amenity will provide opportunities for children, adults and persons with accessibility needs to have access to physical activity through water-based programming such as swim lessons, aerobics and therapy.

Pedestrian Crossings

This initiative will help expand Spencer's Safe Routes to School. The city will re-design five high-volume street crossings making it safer for children to walk or bike to school. These features will benefit all residents including those who drive in the community.

VA Terrain Therapy Garden

This project will construct an outdoor physical therapy garden that can be used by patients who are re-learning how to walk and move. The garden is a public space that will be beneficial for patients, families and neighborhood residents.

Fairmount Park Trailhead

This project will create a foot path trail head into Fairmount Park. The trailhead will improve access and awareness to the foot path. This will increase physical activity in the park as well as the neighborhood.

Harrisburg 2020

The residents of Harrisburg are embracing a partnership between the school and the city to develop a park complex for the community. The complex will include a baseball field, softball fields, bike trails and child play area. This facility will be jointly used by the school and the community.

Safe Sidewalks for our Students

This project will provide a safe, walkable route to and from school as well as to downtown. These ADA-compliant sidewalks will encourage residents to get out and walk, which will lead to a more active, healthier and socially connected community.

Enhancing Food Access

This grant will allow Grow: Johnson County to build a greenhouse that will enable on-site planting of seeds and production of transplantable crops. This will benefit food insecure individuals who rely on Grow: Johnson County's charity food production.

Linn County Food System Assessment

Linn County will use this grant to study production, procurement, processing and barriers to entry for new food producers. Once information has been collected, a master planning document with detailed action steps will be used to increase local food production within the county.

Agriculture Learning Center Greenhouse

This greenhouse project complements a new agricultural learning center at Maquoketa High School. The greenhouse will increase student exposure to horticulture, plant science, plant development and food production. The community will also benefit from the greenhouse through programs that address nutrition, gardening and food production.

Outdoor Pickleball

This project focuses on creating a permanent pickleball complex with six courts at the Mount Pleasant Community Middle School. Anyone living in or visiting the community will be able to easily play pickleball. The courts will be open to the public during non-school hours.

Splash Pad

The city of Newell will install a splash pad in North City Park. The splash pad will promote physical activity and social interaction, not only for children, but also for adults who congregate to supervise the children. The splash pad will also recycle the water used, which will be cost efficient for the community.

Elementary School Playground

The school is updating its existing playground equipment. The new equipment will be all-inclusive meeting the needs of all children. This will help children interact and play together for a more fulfilling play experience.

Free Fitness 4 All

The project will install outdoor fitness stations in Pioneer Park. These outdoor stations will increase the frequency and length of time spent in the park. It is also anticipated that friends and neighbors will connect socially with one another.

Baseball Complex Walking Path

This project will create an 8-foot-wide walking path that will wind through and around the new Sisseton baseball fields. To construct the new baseball fields, an old track was removed. The community determined nearly 100 people used the track daily. With the new walking path, residents will once again have a safe place to walk, jog and run.

Outdoor Pickleball Court Project

Working in conjunction with the city of Spearfish, the Spearfish Pickleball Club will replace a run-down tennis and basketball court with six official pickleball courts. They will also add two new basketball hoops that will provide additional options for community members to engage in physical activity.

Playground and Peace Garden

This new open-air playground area will provide more play activities for children. The playground will be centered on the need for safe, educational and accessible activities to stimulate movement, encourage exercise and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

University of Iowa Gardeners

This project will relocate gardens of the student-led University of Iowa Gardeners to central campus. The gardens will be more accessible and will grow food for students and food insecure members of the community. Last year, the gardeners harvested more than 1,000 pounds of produce. This move will facilitate even greater production.

Pool Renovation

Wessington Springs is making renovations to its 43-year-old public pool. These renovations will benefit the youngest of swimmers with water features in the wading pool and assist those who are mobility challenged with an ADA-accessible restroom and ADA-accessible entry to the pool.