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2018 Large MATCH grant recipients

Large MATCH grants support promising projects that help individuals, families and communities achieve better health with funding requests up to $100,000. The Wellmark Foundation offers grants to projects that either:

  1. Create a safe environment to be physically active in.
  2. Increases access to and consumption of healthy foods.

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DeEdwin and Gladys White Memorial Park Improvements

This project will maintain and improve access to parks in neighborhoods that serve a large minority population. Due to the age of the existing park, the pavement is cracked and crumbling and the playground equipment is deteriorating. Park improvements will include a new playground and play field, new handicap accessible sidewalks, resealed and striped basketball courts, new lighting, new landscaping and a new park shelter.

Connecting Fort Madison Phase III

Phase III of the trail will continue the connection to the area hospital and Baxter’s Sports Complex. The approximate one-mile concrete trail will be 10-feet wide and have a bridge crossing a small wetland. Residents currently use the busy highway to walk their children to the hospital for appointments. Phase III will provide these pedestrians with a safe walking area as an alternative to the dangerous highway.

Wave of the Future Campaign

Recent pool inspections revealed that the Guttenberg Municipal Pool is in desperate need of repairs and does not comply with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The new pool will comply with the ADA and include six lap lanes, a 13-foot diving board and space for water aerobics and swimming lessons. Once complete, the new pool should last for 50 years before more renovations would be needed.

Young's Park

This is a multi-phase project focusing on the renovation of Young’s Park. This grant will allow the city to revitalize the park to include amenities for individuals of all ages and abilities. Amenities will include, but not be limited to, a splash pad, a rain garden, walking paths, a skate park, restroom facilities and more.

Pocahontas County Trails Phase I

This project supports the acquisition and development of a 2.2-mile trail corridor in northwest Laurens. The new trail will connect to an existing, 0.9-mile trail located in the southeast section of Laurens. Both trails are part of the larger Pocahontas County Trails Master Plan that seeks to connect the existing Three Rivers Trail in eastern Pocahontas County to the Rolfe, Plover, Havelock and Laurens communities.

Marion Independent School District Campus Connector

As a component of Marion Independent School District’s (MISD) adopted Safe Routes to School plan, the MISD Campus Connector will provide a trail connection from the heart of the district to Vernon Middle School using a 10-foot wide side-path. The trail connection will allow for both cycling and pedestrian travel and provide safer off-street options for student groups traveling within the district.

Wings Park Improvements

The city of Oelwein is replacing a bridge in total disrepair. Replacement of this bridge will connect the existing bike trail from Wings Park School to Wings Park and the Oelwein Aquatic Center. It will provide community members safe passage to Wings Park playground equipment, softball and baseball diamonds, a skateboard park, an apple orchard and picnic areas.

Dubuque Outdoor Skate Park

This skate park will incorporate street and park-style elements that are suitable for all skill levels. New amenities will benefit both participants and observers while security cameras support area safety. Once complete, the skate park will draw local and regional users including skateboarders, in-line skaters, scooter users and BMX bikers.

Karl Deibert City Park Improvements

The grant will help replace severely outdated playground equipment, picnic tables, benches, trash containers and bike racks. The updated park will have state-of-the-art equipment and be completely handicap accessible upon completion. This project promotes Herreid's efforts to be a family friendly community and enhances the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Albia Trails System

When fully developed, the Albia Trails System will be a 10-foot wide concrete trail and will loop around Albia. The trail will connect schools, the aquatic center, health care facilities, recreational fields, the reservoir and the Welcome Home Soldier Monument. It will also provide a safe route for children traveling to school and serve as an economic attraction for visitors and tourists.

Pottawattamie County Trails

The Pottawattamie County Conservation Board and Pottawattamie County Trail Association are moving into phase two of the Railroad Highway Trail. The new trail additions will extend 4.23 miles from Weston to Underwood, Iowa. Once completed, the 15-mile trail will be the first rural trail built as part of the Frontier Iowa Trail system and will connect multiple Iowa communities.

Ballpark to Ballpark

The Shelby County Trails Board is developing a 10-foot-wide, multi-use, paved trail between Panama and Portsmouth, Iowa. The 6.5-mile trail will separate recreational bike and pedestrian traffic from State Highway 191 and crosses four waterways. Local artists will create artwork on the trail bridges that display aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Community Refugee Garden

The Community Refugee Garden project will remove 10,000 square feet of Westminster Presbyterian Church's parking lot and replace it with community gardening space for refugee families. This will help refugee families integrate into the community, reconnect them to the agricultural heritage of their homeland and provide the opportunity to grow healthy, culturally appropriate vegetables for their families.