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2017 Large MATCH grant recipients

Large MATCH grants support promising projects that help individuals, families and communities achieve better health with funding requests up to $100,000. The Wellmark Foundation offers grants to projects that either:

  1. Create a safe environment to be physically active in.
  2. Increases access to and consumption of healthy foods.

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University 40 County Park

This project is dedicated to the redevelopment and expansion of the park to support improved health and well-being of the region. University 40 County Park is bisected by the Cedar Creek making a natural divide between the prairie and wooded areas of the park. Community members will be able to walk, run, hike, bike and participate in water activities upon the completion of the project.

Mason City to Meservey RR ROW Trail Development — Phase II

The Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board (CGCCB) is developing an abandoned railroad from Mason City to Meservey into a bicycle and hiking trail. To complete this project, the existing trail surface and bridges must be improved. The current surface consists of two-inch, clean granite rock that is very unstable for riding or walking. To make the trail safe, the CGCCB will use current engineering standards to create a crushed limestone trail surface and make the bridges safe for passage by adding a solid wooden surface and safety railings.

City of Cedar Rapids Bike Share

Bike sharing systems allow users to pick up a bicycle at any self-serve docking station and return it to any other station within the system. The Cedar Rapids bike sharing system will consist of bicycles, a network of densely spaced docking stations, and a kiosk/smartphone payment system allowing for easy checkout and return of bikes across the city. Bike sharing is a great opportunity to promote healthy living in Cedar Rapids, while making travel more accessible to a wider range of people.

Ilion Avenue Trail - Divisions II & III

The Ilion Avenue Trail will provide a safe path for bikers, runners and walkers along a major thoroughfare. It will also provide access to public areas including ballfields, schools, the high school football field, tennis courts, the city pool and a city park. The completed trail will run along Ilion Avenue from 16th Street to Main Street where there currently is no safe walkway.

Lake View Splash Pad

A splash pad is a recreation area for water play that has little or no standing water. The City of Lake View will install this splash pad at Speaker Park. The splash pad will be controlled by a push-button activator that allows the water to spray out for a limited time, encouraging movement by the children and limiting the amount of water used.

West End Futsal Project

The City of Marshalltown's West End Park has an old tennis court area that is in disrepair. This project would convert the damaged tennis courts into a futsal court. It will also serve Marshalltown’s rapidly growing need for soccer venues making it an asset that will better serve the community in years to come.

Orchard Hills Park – Trail and Recreation Area

The Orchard Hills Park and Recreation Area is a project involving the development of public park land for outdoor play, exercise, and recreation areas for children and adults. The park will be developed with a trail connecting the neighboring residential area to a future planned elementary school, the playground/exercise equipment, and a future shelter house and fishing area. The trail will be built as a through-connection from east, west and south, and will extend around a pond. It will also provide a safe and convenient means of access to the new elementary school.

Marina Trail Connector

The City of Pierre will build and define an ADA-compliant multi-model trail that connects the city's current trail system to South Dakota's Lewis and Clark trail.

Raccoon River Valley Trail to High Trestle Trail Connector - Phase I

This trail project is a significant link between two major statewide trails: The Raccoon River Valley Trail and the High Trestle Trail. The connector, which is nine miles overall, starts in Perry and follows a former railroad right-of-way to the east until it connects to 130th Street.

Davenport Mid-City High School Urban Farm Project

Davenport Mid-City High School (DMCHS) aims to decrease the school district's dropout rate by providing a team and project-based learning approach for students suffering from anxiety and depression associated with their socioeconomic status. The purpose of the DMCHS Urban Farm Project, in the school’s backyard, is to not only provide easy access to home-grown organic fruits, vegetables, and wheat, but to also build a strong work ethic by teaching students how to farm, and in so doing, educate them about the opportunities to improve their food self-sufficiency and security. As a result, the empowered youth will be able to overcome the many challenges they face.

Completing the Davis County Trail System - Phase III

The Davis County Trails Council is constructing the final 0.7-mile segment of Davis County’s first multi-use trail. This segment will connect the City of Bloomfield with the Davis County McGowen Recreation area, a 313-acre outdoor area with 3.5 miles of trails, fishing ponds, and a community vegetable garden. The completed Davis County Trail will provide a complete indoor and outdoor recreation and exercise experience, anchored by the Mutchler Indoor Recreation Center on one end and Davis County's premier county park, McGowen Recreation Area, on the other.

Rooftop Gardens

The Rooftop Garden Program will serve transition-age homeless or low-income youth by providing employment opportunities, access to locally grown and healthy foods, and food and nutrition education. The goal is to carefully cultivate plants, nurture and provide the time and attention they need to put down good roots and stand tall on their own. The rooftop garden will employ these youth to operate the year-round rooftop greenhouse, helping them find the steady ground they need to break the cycle of poverty and re-engage with the community.

Wapsipinicon Trail Construction

The Wapsipinicon Trail is a 10-foot-wide paved surface trail that connects the City of Anamosa to the Wapsipinicon State Park. The new paved surface will total approximately one mile, coupled with the existing park connection and sidewalks the entire loop will measure just over three miles.

Central Park Lake Restoration – Improved Water Quality for Outdoor Recreation

Central Park Lake has been a hub of outdoor recreation in Eastern Iowa since it was built more than 50 years ago. Restoration is needed to improve the water quality of the lake. By doing so, the lake will once again be used for swimming, fishing, paddling and outdoor enjoyment.

Interstate Power Preserve Trail

Interstate Power Preserve, a 78-acre park located south of Dubuque, and the neighboring 80 acres owned by Interstate Tower Company, will play host to six miles of professionally built trails. This new mountain biking course will include a two-mile beginner loop in addition to four, one-mile advanced loops. Mixed difficulty levels will make the outcome appealing to many user groups from Iowa and neighboring states.