Wellmark plan comparison guide for South Dakota small groups | Avesis plan
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What's covered?

As a preferred Wellmark vendor, Avēsis2 offers you on of the most comprehensive vision plans in the industry. Covered services include:

  • Eye exams
  • Frames
  • Standard plastic lenses
  • Contact lenses
  • Lens options


  • More than 61,000 points of access nationally.3
  • Network includes independent and leading national retailers.
  • Discounts on non-covered services (e.g., LASIK surgery), additional eyeglasses and sunglasses and lens options.
  • Free hearing screening and reduced pricing for hearing care services through Amplifon Hearing Health CareTM .4

Avēsis vision coverage5

Diagnostic services — $10 copay

  • Eye exam - Covered in full after $10 copay, every 12 months.

Eyewear services — $25 materials copay

  • Frames - Covered once every 24 months, after materials copay; $80 retail allowance.
  • Standard plastic lenses - One pair covered in full after materials copay, every 12 months.
  • Contact lenses - Covered up to allowance, every 12 months, in lieu of eyeglasses.
  • Lens options - Up to 20 percent off polycarbonate, scratch-resistant coating, tint and UV protective coating.

Built-in hearing coverage

When your employees select vision coverage through Avēsis, they get a free hearing screening and reduced pricing on hearing devices, as an added benefit, through Amplifon Hearing Health Care.

1Coverage is available for members age 19 or older.
2Avēsis Vision is an independent vision insurance company that does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield products and services. Avēsis Vision is underwritten by Fidelity Life Insurance Company.
3Avēsis network numbers, 2017.
4Hearing Discount Savings Plan provided by Amplifon Hearing Health Care. Amplifon Hearing Health Care is an independent company that does not provide Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield products or services.
5Applies to in-network benefits. Out-of-network services are covered and include higher copays.