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Add a vision plan at no extra cost to you!

BlueSimplicitySM health plans

I want my employees to have peace of mind.

  • No deductible or coinsurance; simple, up-front costs.
  • Service types grouped into six levels.
  • We make it easy for your employees to know the absolute most they will pay before they seek care.

2 plans

Traditional & Modified health plans

I want my employees to have predictable copays.

  • Traditional: copay structure to incentivize care through PCP. No deductible or coinsurance (except for other expenses).
  • Modified: provides copays for the most common services and eliminates coinsurance entirely.

Contains our most popular plan.

8 plans

High-deductible health plans

I want my employees engaged in their health.

  • Employees pay the full cost of care and prescriptions until they reach their deductible; preventive care is free.
  • These plans qualify for a health savings account.
  • Offer the lowest monthly premiums.

2 plans