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Traditional health plans

Copays for common health care expenses, with coinsurance and deductibles applying for larger expenses.

Plan pro

Traditional health plans are the most common type of health insurance.

Perfect for

Employees who have been comfortable with how their health insurance has traditionally worked.

Primary health plans

Lower copays for primary care providers (PCPs) and Tier 1 drugs, higher copays for other providers and most other services subject to deductible and coinsurance.

Plan pro

Provides a significantly lower copay or cost for high-value, highly used services (PCP visits, Tier 1 drugs).

Perfect for

Employees who primarily see their PCP and fill low-cost prescriptions.

High-deductible health plans (HDHP)

Employees pay the full cost of care and prescriptions (except for free preventive care) until deductible is met. This plan choice qualifies for a health savings account.

Plan pro

Offers some of the lowest monthly costs and provides tax-free savings.

Perfect for

Employees willing to pay more up-front in exchange for low monthly premiums and tax benefits.

Choose a metallic tier

Metallic tiers within each plan type give you meaningful choice on costs and benefits. Choose from gold, silver, and bronze.