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Web-Based Applications Access Agreement


  1. Employer desires access to the membership system maintained by Wellmark or on Wellmark’s behalf by its designee, by accessing Wellmark’s website and using an application referred to as Member Maintenance on the internet at, for the purpose of updating group members’ information on Wellmark’s membership system. Additional membership and benefit information is available on an application referred to as Eligibility Verification and Benefit Inquiry. Access will be allowed to confirm membership updates and assist employees with benefit inquiries presented to the employer group by their employees;
  2. Employer further desires certain limited access to the claims system maintained by Wellmark or on Wellmark's behalf by its designee, by accessing Wellmark's website and using the application referred to as Claim Status Inquiry - CSI on the internet, for the purpose of verifying claim status and reimbursement of services for employees, at the request of that employee's request for assistance;
  3. .Employer also desires access to additional web-based applications as they are developed, by allowing limited access to additional information in the mainframe system maintained by Wellmark or on Wellmark’s behalf by its designee for the purpose of self research for information needed to understand group members’ benefits, subject to appropriate security restrictions applicable to such applications.
  4. Wellmark shall provide the access designated herein subject to the Terms and Conditions attached and Wellmark’s security rules provided or made available to Employer from time to time in writing or electronically.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Scope
    These terms and conditions apply to access made available by Wellmark to a interactive web application and all written, visual and oral information to which a party using such application (hereinafter described as a “User”) may have access by utilizing Personal Identification Number(s) (PINs), security devices and/or password(s) provided by Wellmark.
  2. Employer Duties
    Employer shall designate both a designated security coordinator who shall act as the Employer’s key contact person and a backup, who shall be the contacts for receipt of notices or other information from Wellmark pertaining to this Agreement and access to the applications. The employer shall maintain a designated security coordinator at all times. These individuals shall also have full authority to modify the list of individuals who may access the applications on Employer’s behalf and Wellmark can rely upon any modifications to such list obtained electronically through the security application at from a designated security coordinator or the backup. Employer through its designated security coordinator shall have the responsibility to maintain an accurate, up to date list of authorized individuals and their appropriate level of access. interactive web applications access shall only be utilized by the authorized employees on a list from Employer, as may be amended from time to time. Employer shall ensure that all individuals for whom it is responsible shall only access the applications for the sole purposes identified in the initial request or a subsequent request and consistent with the access granted by Wellmark Security Administration. Employer shall ensure that IDs and passwords/PINs or other security devices provided by Wellmark are not shared, i.e., shall ensure that each user must have and use his/her own unique signin information.
  3. Audit rights
    Wellmark may designate certain audit individuals to review the use of the interactive web applications by Employer’s employees and to examine supporting documentation, records and associated information regarding same. Employer shall permit these individuals reasonable access during normal business hours to any premises where these functions are being performed and access is provided.
  4. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
    Employer hereby accepts and agrees to the Terms and Conditions on behalf of itself and its employees or other authorized representatives and agrees to accept and abide by the provisions contained therein. Employer also agrees to ensure that its employees and any other authorized individuals will abide by said terms. Employer also agrees to be responsible for any of the financial obligations of Users arising under the Terms and Conditions or Wellmark’s written security provisions related to accessing a interactive web application or other information on a system of records maintained by or on behalf of Wellmark.
  5. Indemnification
    Employer agrees to indemnify and hold Wellmark harmless for any loss, cost, or expense, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees directly related to the inappropriate use of a interactive web application, access to confidential information contained therein, the inappropriate release of any confidential information to any unauthorized individuals or entities, or the breach of this Agreement by Employer or anyone acting on its behalf.
  6. Miscellaneous Provisions
    To the extent any provision of this Agreement should become prohibited by or invalid under applicable state or federal law or determined invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction or any other governmental authority with jurisdiction over the parties hereto, such provision shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition, invalidity or unenforceability without invalidating the remainder of the provision or remaining provisions of this Agreement. This agreement will be construed according to Iowa law. Any notice provision requiring a written notice shall be satisfied if notice is provided electronically to the designated security coordinator on behalf of Employer or to Security Administration on behalf of Wellmark. All confidentiality obligations and indemnification obligations shall survive the termination of this agreement.