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Benefit solutions to address your challenges

We know you worry about how to make it all work. How to provide outstanding health benefits to your employees, while also managing organizational budgets. And, just as you're continuously working to provide the best benefits for your employees, we're working to create the best solutions for you, your organization and your employees. We're making health insurance better by focusing on what matters most.

Lean on Wellmark for expert help in building a health plan solution to keep your employees healthy — and keep your costs down. Whatever your needs may be, you'll get the right solution. Every organization is unique, so we'll work together to determine the best funding option for your business. Learn more about the funding options available to you.

Networks: Coverage where you live, work and travel

Plan design: Flexibility to meet your needs

Pharmacy integration: Reaching the lowest cost of care

Specialty benefits: Creating a complete package

Employee engagement: Taking care of your employees

Meet Sharon

As vice president of human resources, Sharon knows she could make some changes to the network options she's providing her employees. But she's worried that making the change from a preferred provider organization (PPO) offering to a health maintenance organization (HMO) would upset many of her employees and limit the care they could get.

Our solution

After a conversation with her Wellmark representative and a look at her organization's claims history, Sharon finds out that nearly all her employees currently receive care from providers in the HMO network. She learns that only 2 percent of her employees would have to make any changes, and that the shift to the HMO could result in a 5 percent savings for her organization. Sharon decides to move her group to the HMO for the following year, and she uses Wellmark's custom communications team, Indigo, to help her employees make the transition.

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Meet Jason

Jason is director of employee benefits for his organization. He knows that understanding how health insurance works can be confusing for his employees — particularly how deductibles, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums all work together. He's looking for an easy-to-understand plan that would provide transparency so his employees know what they'll pay when they seek care and can make informed decisions about where they go.

Our solution

Jason's account manager tells him about the BlueSimplicitySM plan. It's a modified plan with no deductible or coinsurance for Jason's employees to keep track of — just a single copay with all the dollars going toward the out-of-pocket maximum. Jason's employees will know the cost of health care services before so they can make a better decision on where to get care. Jason can use free materials — flyers, email templates and more — from the Marketing Toolkit to educate his employees about their new simplified plan.

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Meet Nicole

Nicole's company has always used Wellmark for its medical coverage but has relied on a different carrier to manage pharmacy benefits. As vice president of compensation and benefits, she's wondering if it would improve her employees' experience — and her budget — to carve in pharmacy with Wellmark for the upcoming year.

Our solution

Nicole meets with her consultant and her Wellmark representative to talk through her options. She discovers that not only would her employees have unmatched national, local and mail-order pharmacy access, but integrating medical and pharmacy would also improve her employees' experience with digital tools and trackers. By combining medical and pharmacy, Wellmark would gain insights about Nicole's employees allowing for earlier intervention and case management. This means lower medical costs without raising Nicole’s pharmacy spend — a major concern for Nicole. Combining medical and pharmacy will alleviate administrative work for Nicole as well. She'll have one point of contact and integrated reporting, and her employees will have one ID card, resulting in fewer things for her and her employees to manage.

Did you know? 90 percent of our customers agree it makes sense to combine management of medical and pharmacy with Wellmark because they see the total cost of care benefit.

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Meet Victor

Victor, a director of employee engagement and wellness, has been getting approached by multiple dental carriers. He knows offering specialty benefits like dental are no longer nice-to-haves — current and prospective employees expect these options. But, he's not sure his organization has the budget to add dental coverage. He's concerned about how he would help his employees understand their new options without creating more administrative work for himself and his team. His leadership has also told him they want to implement a well-being program, but Victor doesn't have experience with well-being and isn't sure where to start.

Our solution

After talking to his Wellmark representative, Victor decides to add Wellmark's voluntary dental option — this gives his employees access to the benefits they want without impacting his organization's costs. And, working with Wellmark means he'll have one point of contact and a streamlined enrollment process. He'll also have ready-to-use communication materials from the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit to educate his employees on their new options. It's easy for his employees, too — they'll still have just one point of contact and all their claims will be on myWellmark®. Victor also decides to meet with a Wellmark well-being consultant to do a workplace assessment so he’ll be able to make a recommendation to his leadership on what type of program they should choose.

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Meet Jackie

Jackie works for a large employer, as an employee benefits director, but her HR team is a small crew. In addition to health benefits, they are trying to manage hiring, compensation, well-being, employee leave policies and more. So when it comes to benefits education and answering employee questions, Jackie often feels overwhelmed. She's looking for tools that can help her employees self-serve and easily find information they need.

Our solution

Jackie talks to her Wellmark representative to find out how her employees could more easily access benefits information. Her account manager tells her that only 20 percent of her employees have registered for myWellmark. He recommends that Jackie promote myWellmark to her employees so they can use the secure portal to view claims, find in-network doctors, get coverage details, access other health insurance and well-being information, and even print ID cards. This would alleviate a lot of administrative work for Jackie. Her account manager recommends Jackie download the free, pre-packaged myWellmark promotional materials from the Marketing Toolkit. This will make it easy for Jackie's team to communicate and promote myWellmark without having to develop their own materials.

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