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Iowa Large Group Dental Plans from Blue DentalSM

Get more than just a healthy smile

Blue Dental benefits become a powerful extension of your large business' benefits strategy increasing employee engagement and improving their health outcomes.

Get choice

Your employees can get access to more than 90 percent of providers — that's more than 1,600 dentists across Iowa — with Wellmark Blue Dental PlansSM. More in-network providers mean lower fees for you and your employees. If you and your employees are looking for even more savings and larger discounts, you have the option of selecting our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network, which still gives your employees access to more than 700 providers.

You also get the choice of expanding your benefits without adding to your bottom line if you select a voluntary option PDF File.

Get value

Members want richer dental benefits. Limited benefit plans with other carriers have low enrollment because they don't provide what members need. That's why Blue Dental offers you dual plan options with robust coverage: Blue Dental Basic and Blue Dental Premium.

No matter the network, no matter the plan, your employees get great benefits such as:

  • Same member cost share for in- and out-of-network services
  • No cost diagnostic and preventive services
  • Endodontic, periodontal, prosthetics and other major services
  • Complimentary access to vision, hearing, and hearing aid discounts with our Blue365® program
Customize your features to create the perfect plan:
  • Tailored network cost-share structures.
  • Self-funded or fully insured funding options.
  • Carry-over, carry-in benefits PDF File that encourage preventive care.
  • Waiving diagnostic and preventive services so those claims don't go to your employees' benefit period maximum — encouraging them to address their whole-body health.

Get Extra Care

Blue Dental gives extra benefits for those that need them the most. Research shows:
  • More than 90 percent of diseases show signs in the mouth, gums and teeth.
  • Proper dental care can help avoid overall health complications, as poor dental health can cause problems throughout the body.

That's why members with certain health conditions like diabetes, strokes, cancer and more get best-in-class extra dental benefits standard with our fully insured funding or as an option if you choose to self-fund. 

Worry-free extras PDF File

Get Convenience

Nothing's easier than having a single source for your employee benefits package. One carrier, one account manager, one customer service number and one bill. Let us take care of it all by combining your large group medical and dental coverage and simplifying your servicing, enrollment submission and billing.

Simple, smart service PDF File

Looking for dental plans in South Dakota?

Contact your Wellmark representative to see how you can combine dental benefits in South Dakota with your medical benefits and reap the rewards.