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Member tools

With myWellmark®, your employees can:

  • Take charge of their health. Powered by WebMD®, one of the most trusted sources of health news and information, the Wellmark Wellness Center can help your employees lead healthier lives.
  • Understand their benefits. They can learn about copayments, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.
  • Track claims. Your employees can view the status of each claim, along with the details they need.
  • Track expenses. Your employees can find out how much of their deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses they have used to date. They can also manage their flex spending account.
  • Get digital Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements. Sortable by date, provider and patient. Digital EOBs are available for two years when and wherever your employees need them.
  • Understand pharmacy benefits. Your employees can review their benefits, search drug lists and learn how much a drug will cost.

Find care on myWellmark

myWellmark also makes it easy for your employees to make more informed health care decisions, because knowing changes everything. That's why we designed myWellmark to help your employees:

  • Know the cost of care. Your employees can search for common health care services to know the cost based on their plan benefits and current out-of-pocket accumulations.
  • Know the quality of care. They can compare doctors using performance-based quality scores, or find facilities known for their expertise.
  • Know patient reviews. Your employees can select a doctor using patient ratings and comments or leave their own feedback about their experiences.
  • Know where to get care. They can search for a doctor a facility based on their ZIP code and their network.