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BlueSimplicitySM health plans

With no deductibles or coinsurance, BlueSimplicity plans only use copays to make it easier for your employees to know how much a service or procedure will cost before they go to the doctor. This helps them make more informed health care decisions and results in fewer questions for you.

Modified health plans

Modified plans are designed to lessen the confusion of health insurance by eliminating coinsurance — giving members one out-of-pocket maximum dollar amount to understand. They offer protection from high-cost medical expenses while still offering simple copays for the most commonly used services like office visits, with a benefit design they're familiar with.

Traditional health plans

Traditional plans help your employees plan for many common health care expenses, like in-network office visits. For other expenses, like outpatient surgery, deductible and coinsurance may apply.

High-deductible health plans (HDHP)

Wellmark's myBlue HDHPSM encourages employee engagement in their health care. Because your employees pay the full cost for care (excluding preventive care) and prescriptions until they reach their deductible, an HDHP helps them understand the true cost of care.