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What's happening now

The world may feel different now, but we're doing what we can so you feel more secure. The virus is still a threat in Iowa and South Dakota. So, we've made updates to how our health plan benefits work for our fully-insured and Medicare supplement members:

  • We continue to offer no-cost COVID-19 testing and in-network inpatient care related to the diagnosis of COVID-19 when prescribed by your doctor. That way, you can focus on your health, instead of worrying about copays and deductibles.
  • We are paying health care providers the same amount for seeing you in an office setting or a virtual visit through June 30, 2021.

Providing stability

At the beginning of the outbreak, everyone was concerned about the immense pressure on our doctors and hospitals. Here's what we did to help keep the health care system stable, and make sure our members could receive care:

  • Offered ways to see a health care professional from home
  • Ensured you could get the prescription drugs you needed
  • Extended the treatment window for accidental dental injuries, until dental offices could reopen

Tough times also meant thousands in Iowa and South Dakota went without access to healthy food. The Wellmark Foundation donated to three Iowa and South Dakota food banks to feed families in need.

We're here for you, now more than ever.

You're adjusting to new realities. We're here to help you navigate this tough time. That includes increasing your access to care, so you can choose how and when you see a doctor. And because you're a valued member, you have tools to manage your finances and find peace of mind.

Now more than ever, you can count on Wellmark to stand behind the care you need. Like we've done for more than 80 years.

Protecting our employees

Our people are our most important asset. That's why we moved quickly to work from home, so our employees could stay safe and care for their families.

While they may be working from their basements, dining room tables or home offices, they're working hard to take your calls, process claims and ensure no disruption in service for our members and groups.

Your questions, answered

We've also put together the following information to answer questions you might have. If you need more help, please don't hesitate to call us at the number on the back of your Wellmark ID card. You can access your plan information, like coverage and claims, anytime. Just log in to myWellmark.

In clinical trials, the vaccine is provided at no cost. Wellmark will not pay for vaccines until they are FDA approved or receive an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Once a COVID-19 vaccine receives an approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for distribution under the EUA, it will be covered at no cost share through the Cares Act.

Once it is approved from the FDA and receives an Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendation on its vaccination index, it will be covered as a preventive service through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Preventive services benefit.

Yes, we will continue to waive cost shares for testing and related services through the end of the public health emergency as declared by the federal government. The test must be ordered by a healthcare provider after the provider individually assesses the member and decides a test is medically appropriate based on the member's circumstances. Your health plan does not cover return to work/return to school/return to other activity testing, and it does not cover tests that are not ordered by a healthcare provider.

In response to many physician and dentist offices in the markets eliminating or severely restricting in-person visits, Wellmark expanded telehealth benefits on a temporary basis to ensure all our members had access to important health care services. The $0 cost-share for telehealth services expired on Aug. 31, 2020.

Even though the pandemic still exists, health care providers have been making adjustments and reopening their offices, and members now have choices between telehealth and in-person visits. Beginning Sept. 1, 2020 standard benefits will apply for telehealth services.

Consistent with the federal requirements, antibody testing is covered when ordered by a healthcare provider after the provider individually assesses the member and decides a test is medically appropriate based on the member's circumstances.

All of Wellmark's fully-insured and Medicare supplement plans include a telehealth benefit. If your self-funded group plan does not offer telehealth benefits, effective Sept. 1, 2020 you may be responsible for the full amount charged by the telehealth provider which is generally no more than an in-office visit.

Please note: If telehealth is not a covered benefit on your plan, the cost share will not apply towards an out of pocket maximum. Employees are always encouraged to further discuss their health insurance options/needs with their employer.

Doctor On Demand has contracted with Medicare and will now be covered by your Medicare Supplemental policy according to your benefits.

If you are experiencing a fever or acute respiratory symptoms (cough or shortness of breath), or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please call your healthcare provider before going to a doctor's office, clinic, urgent care or emergency department. During that call, your provider will assess your symptoms and direct you to the right care.

Get a list of responses by doctors and hospitals in Iowa and South Dakota.

Get tactics for protecting yourself at home, at school and in the workplace.

  • Clean hands often and limit handshaking
  • Disinfect surfaces you touch frequently
  • Wear a mask when you are around people who don't live in your household
  • Hold meetings virtually and rearrange travel when possible
  • Know when to stay home

See the CDC's recommendations.

Download the guide External Site

Wellmark uses the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) External Site, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) External Site, Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) External Site, and South Dakota Health Department External Site as our official sources of information. For the latest U.S. impacts of COVID-19, please see the data reported by the CDC.

Find a doctor

Search for a provider, hospital or clinic External Site for you or your family member. Log in to myWellmark to make sure the doctor and facility is in your network.

BeWell 24/7

BeWell 24/7 connects Wellmark customers with real people who can help with a variety of health-related concerns no matter the time or day. Just call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get insights from BlueSM on coping with work and lifestyle changes, plus tips for staying healthy.

Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand External Site offers virtual visits with board-certified physicians for a number of minor issues, from a run-of-the-mill cold or flu to headaches, skin conditions or bronchitis. Physicians can even prescribe medication, if needed.

Doctor On Demand is a separate company providing an online telehealth solution for Wellmark members. Doctor On Demand® is a registered mark of Doctor On Demand, Inc.