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We are a company that keeps our promises — promises we make to our members, to one another and to the community. By keeping our promises, we will continue to earn the trust of our members and maintain a corporate culture of integrity.

Given the complex business and regulatory environment in which we operate, we know there will be times when you will be unsure of what actions are required. To help you in such situations, the Wellmark Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team established Wellmark’s Business Ethics and Compliance program, including the Ethics Hotline and our Code of Conduct.

The Board is committed to promoting an organizational culture encouraging ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance. They have the responsibility to recognize, support and provide oversight for our Business Ethics and Compliance program, ensuring we have adequate resources to be fully committed to compliant, lawful and ethical conduct.

Wellmark Ethics Hotline phone number is 1-877-330-3667. Compliance Office phone number is 515-376-4949.

Please use these resources whenever you need additional guidance and remember you have a responsibility to report any suspected activity that does not meet our high ethical standards.You will never face retaliation for raising a concern in good faith.

We Are All In when it comes to ethics and compliance. Stay informed, involved, and invested in our success. Always act with integrity. Help create a culture that is open and includes others. When in doubt, ask questions and inquire.