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Blue CollaborationSM is a community of health insurance users and decision makers designed to provide unique insights about health benefits, wellness and the cost of care. Those insights will help shape Wellmark’s efforts to continuously improve its products and services in a rapidly changing health care environment. Blue Collaboration gives you the ability to have your voice heard on a wide variety of health related issues. It is our hope that Blue Collaboration will grow into a vibrant, diverse online community containing a wide variety of opinions and experiences.

Wellmark is committed to providing a superior customer experience for its members. Blue Collaboration is designed to be an important tool to maintain our corporate focus on what our members feel is important. Any Wellmark member who uses health insurance and has an opinion about how it can improve, would be a valuable addition to our community.

We also recognize that being a part of a community means that communication goes both ways. Blue Collaboration is committed to sharing some of our top-level findings with our Advisory Council members, reporting back to you how we plan to put those findings into action. The opinions of the Blue Collaboration community will play a big role in representing the thoughts of more than 2 million Wellmark members.

Blue Collaboration is administered by Wellmark, and no individual information will be shared with anyone outside of Wellmark. Wellmark values your participation, and Blue Collaboration is our way of harnessing the power of your opinions and ideas.