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Time for a benefits checkup

The info is at your fingertips

This article was last updated on Dec. 29, 2021.

Health insurance can be confusing. But, by giving your benefits a quick checkup, you can make better choices, and save yourself money and time.

Give your coverage a regular checkup

Taking a look at your plan and coverage occasionally could help you avoid surprises and unnecessary costs. Just log in to myWellmark Opens New Window® and take the next few minutes to answer these questions.

Important things to know

  1. What is the name of your health plan?
  2. Have you designated a personal doctor? If so, who is it?
  3. What is your deductible amount? How much is used? How much is remaining?
  4. Is an annual vision exam covered under your health plan?
  5. Is chiropractic care covered? If so, what is your chiropractic visit limit?
  6. What is your office visit copayment or coinsurance?
  7. What is your emergency room copayment?
  8. What percentage of coinsurance or copayment will you pay for a hospital visit?
  9. What is your out-of-pocket maximum?

Knowing the answers to these questions puts you in control of your health insurance. And, myWellmark makes it easy.

Also, make sure you understand your prescription drug benefits, too. Check out these 3 rules of thumb you should follow when you need a prescription drug.

Decoding the jargon

Terms like copayment, deductible, out-of-pocket limit or coinsurance are important to know when looking at your benefits. Take 10 minutes to understand your coverage so you can be prepared the next time you need care.

myWellmark: all your health insurance information in one place

myWellmark is your one-stop-source that makes everything about your health insurance easier. 

Once you're logged in, you can sign up to receive your important health insurance documents electronically, like your Explanation of Benefits (EOB). By getting your EOBs through myWellmark, you can easily and quickly track and manage your health care spending by date, provider or patient.

myWellmark even allows you to pay your Wellmark bill online, depending on your health plan. With Wellmark's eBilling service, it's easy to view your billing statements, schedule payments and manage your account. 

Log in or sign up for myWellmark Opens New Window today. All you need is your Wellmark ID card and an email address.