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Shop and compare for quality care

It's easier than ever

You do it for a car repair. Now, do it for your health.

Before you see the doctor, estimate your health care costs and check your doctor's quality scores. With the myWellmark® Care Finder, it's easier than ever. It's in your best interest to know costs before a service or procedure, so you can budget and plan for the expense.

Sure, the point of health insurance is to offset the high cost of health care. Yet, as health care costs continue to rise, more of the expenses are shifting to you, the consumer.

Shop and compare for quality care at the right cost. It's just one more way Wellmark members get more.

Not all doctors are the same, not all costs are the same

Up until recently, it hasn't been easy to estimate health care costs. That's because you may pay a different amount for a procedure depending on which doctor you select, where you have the procedure done, and how your health plan works. That's where the myWellmark Care Finder comes in. When you're able to plan ahead for a medical procedure, it does the research for you.



Using your specific health plan benefits information, the myWellmark Care Finder will help you make informed cost and quality decisions:

  • Get your out-of-pocket costs. The myWellmark Care Finder gives you an estimated cost for services and procedures based on your benefit plan, physician and/or facility.
  • Find the right doctor. You'll find a list of in-network providers with locations closest to you. You can read patient reviews and check quality scores to find a doctor that's right for you. Plus, you can compare costs. 
  • Check quality scores. With quality scores, you can compare in-network physicians, and make informed choices.

What are quality scores?

Network primary care physicians are scored on a number of measures, including:

  • Screening for early detection or prevention of disease.
  • Managing health issues. 
  • Managing chronic health conditions. 
  • Caring for patients over a period of time.
  • Engagement with patients recently discharged from a hospital.
  • Prescribing drugs appropriately and avoiding unnecessary services.

Top centers for specialty care

Certain high-volume procedures have better outcomes when performed by providers with extensive experience. Blue Distinction® is a designation awarded by Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield to high-performing medical facilities for specific procedures. This designation helps make it easier for you to find quality specialty care.

Know your copay

Before visiting your doctor, log in to myWellmark and use the Care Finder to understand your estimated out-of-pocket costs, including copayments, coinsurance or deductibles you may need to meet. If you are a BlueSimplicitySM member, you can also use the BlueSimplicity Estimator to know your copay. You can even estimate prescription drug costs. Remember, with BlueSimplicity, you only have a copay — no deductible or coinsurance.

When your personal doctor is not available

If your personal doctor is not available for an extended period of time, you are encouraged to receive care from your personal doctor's back-up physician. This is especially important for preventive care. If you are unsure of your personal doctor's back-up provider, call the customer service number on the back of your ID card for assistance. If you're searching for a personal doctor, the myWellmark Care Finder can help you. 

More reasons to register for myWellmark

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