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Hit the road with myWellmark

Get on-the-go information you need

This article was last updated on Sept. 15, 2020.

Whether it’s a long weekend or a month-long journey, travel is a priority for many American families. Anyone who travels knows it requires advanced planning. Camping equipment needs to be dug out of storage. The vehicle needs a tune up. Camp sites or hotels need reservations. Hungry travelers need coolers packed with snacks and drinks.

If there's one thing you don't want to worry about when on vacation, it's health insurance. But unfortunately, vacations can be interrupted with sick travelers. If you need it, your health insurance travels alongside you with myWellmark® Opens New Window, your secure access to your personalized health insurance information. And now, it’s even more powerful and easy to use.

The fresh, redesigned and secure website (and mobile app Opens New Window!) makes traveling with your health insurance effortless. No matter your location, you have access to tools, resources and insights to help you manage health care spending and live a healthier life.

Get the information you need, wherever you happen to be

Using your specific health plan benefits and a powerful suite of tools, myWellmark helps you make informed decisions, even when you’re on the road.

3 easy options for health care when traveling

Figuring out where to go for care when you’re traveling or in an unfamiliar area can be stressful. Thankfully, Wellmark has you covered.

  1. You’re still covered with the BlueCard® Program.

    With BlueCard, you can rest easy when traveling, knowing your benefits work even when you’re away from home. Always carry your current Wellmark ID card (or download a digital version on the Wellmark app), and check your out-of-area benefits.

    Depending on your health plan, seeing a doctor who's out of your network may mean you're responsible for the full cost of your visit, except in the case of an emergency.

    If you're traveling outside of the United States, you may want to consider purchasing additional health insurance options available through GeoBlue® External Site.

  2. Make a doctor appointment within minutes with Doctor On Demand®.

    If you need quick access to care when you are traveling, try Doctor On Demand to connect face-to-face with a board-certified physician from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Your virtual doctor can treat most common medical conditions and even prescribe medication.*

    A virtual visit through Doctor On Demand is a benefit covered by some Wellmark plans, so check your coverage for details. Even if virtual visits aren't covered under your Wellmark health plan, they may still be more affordable than a trip to urgent care or the emergency room. To learn more or download the app, visit the Doctor on Demand website External Site.

  3. Call BeWell 24/7SM, day or night.

    Call Wellmark’s FREE health information hotline day or night for advice based on your symptoms and recommendations on where to go for care. Simply dial Eight, Four, Four, Eight, Four, Be Well.

myWellmark makes everything about your health insurance easier

Your personal health care information is at your fingertips with myWellmark, giving you a transparent look into your health care usage, including:

  1. Easy login for devices with fingerprint and facial authentication.
  2. Digital ID. Misplace your card? No problem. Get your digital ID card, print it out or order a replacement card with a click of a button.
  3. Ability to find in-network doctors or providers.
  4. Personalized tools so you know your coverage, costs and benefits.

Whenever, wherever. Get your personal health care information at your fingertips with myWellmark.

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* Doctor On Demand physicians do not prescribe Drug Enforcement Administration-controlled substances, and may elect not to treat conditions or prescribe other medications based on what is clinically appropriate.

GeoBlue® is a trade name of Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.