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Top recipes of 2018

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After a couple months of indulging in all the delicious foods the holidays have to offer, you may be ready to back away from the sugar and heavy, rich meals, and opt for something a little more wholesome. So, when you're ready for a fresh start, consider picking from this list. It's a round-up of the most popular, healthy recipes you tried from Blue in 2018. 

Top recipes of 2018

  1. Protein bar

    The perfect make-ahead option for those busy mornings. Put together these quick and healthy protein bars with oats, peanut butter, honey and chocolate chips on the weekend and enjoy throughout the week.

  2. BLT  dip

    Have a get-together coming up but can't think of what to bring? Consider this BLT-inspired dip.

  3. Southwest chicken with cauliflower

    Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to skimp on flavor. This recipe is a low-carb, one-pot main dish that is sure to satisfy the entire family. 

  4. Dark chocolate cherry no-bake bites

    Another great meal prep idea, these protein-packed bites are great for breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

  5. Broccoli and cheese egg cups

    Love a savory breakfast, but don't have time to make it in the morning? These egg cups are easy to make ahead and are perfect for all ages — even those hard-to-please toddlers!

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