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The art of the bowl

Limitless options of satisfying meals

There’s a lot to love about digging into a big bowl of healthy, whole foods for dinner. They are impressive to look at, easy to pull together, plus they are delicious and easy on the budget. You can bring new life to your leftovers or experiment using different grains, veggies, proteins and spices. Picky eaters will find their place at the table, too, as these recipes can be easily adapted to their taste buds by simply opting out or substituting ingredients.

Tips for mastering the bowl

  • Plan for contrast

    Include something creamy (avocado or goat cheese) and something crunchy (chopped nuts or toasted sesame seeds). Or something hot and spicy (chicken), with something sweet and cold (mango, or chilled, cooked, sweet potato).

  • Stack on the veggies

    Shoot for variety and quantity. Aim for at least two vegetables—they can be raw or cooked. 

  • Finish with some zing

    Include an option for something fiery (Sriracha or jalapeno peppers), pungent (garlic or ginger) or pickled (onions or beets).

So, what are you waiting for? Whip up a bowl for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the help of these recipes.