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Infused water, decked out and delicious

Easily stay hydrated

Let’s face it: plain water gets boring. That’s why infused waters are such a great option to have on-hand year round, but especially for summer. You don’t need an excuse to dress up your water. Grab a pitcher (or water bottle) and get going! 

Still or sparkling?

It’s your choice. If you want carbonation, and choose to make sparkling water, simply substitute with your choice of seltzer or sparkling water. Start with half the amount, and just before serving, add the other half. This will ensure your drink will be bubbly.

Keep leftovers for later

Most infused waters can be stored 2–3 days in the refrigerator.

When possible, use fresh fruit for infused waters

Fresh fruit adds more flavor. Plus, frozen fruit tends to break down too easily in water, so it isn’t nearly as pleasing to the eye.

You can eat the fruit after infusing water, but you might not enjoy it

It’s typically watery and less flavorful after it has been sitting in the water.

Infused water recipes to try